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What is SDK.finance?

A platform built by a team with 15+ years of experience in FinTech. We know firsthand what it takes to develop real payments products. SDK.finance is your proven technology partner.

Use cases

icon neo bank


Build neobanking products and launch them with ready-made software at a much lower cost.

icon ewallet


Ready-to-go solution for EMIs and PIs (including AISPs and PISPs). Create a product like Paypal®, Alipay®, or PayTM®.

icon in store payments

Accept online payments

A complete stack for all your online payments acceptance business. Requires an integration with payment gateways.

icon in store payments

Accept in-store payments

Accept payments in an offline store. Run a POS (point of sale) business or offer QR payments for your merchants.

icon money transfer

Money remittance

Help migrants transfer money abroad like Transferwise® does. Currency exchange is a part of the product.

icon currency exchange

Currency exchange

Build your online currency exchange business. Set up custom commission rates.

Key features

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Customer onboarding

Secure client registration flows. The fully-digital onboarding for new customers.

Account-to-account transfers

Safe, instant, and convenient account to account transfers for customer payments of all kinds.

Currency exchange

Real-time currency exchange rates to convert money. Set up rules and commission fees that will drive profits for your business.

A wide range of functions for every business need

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Automated payments

Allow users to set up and manage automated bill payments at regular intervals.

Decide where and when you want customers to use QR codes: for payments, confirmations, approvals, or log-ins.
Push notifications
Instant push notifications for all account activity to let your clients always know what’s going on with their money.

More features

Flexible registration

Сustomize required fields to collect customer data that is compatible with any CRM system, comply with GDPR, add KYC/AML integrations.

Simple user management

Complete control over user identities - manage registration, authentication, onboarding, password resets, blocking, and removal.

Create and connect merchants

Create your own FinTech ecosystem by connecting potential buyers with merchants and earn using flexible in-system fees.

Adjust and control fees

Set up custom commission rates for different operations within your ecosystem to multiply income streams.

Insightful reporting

Make the right decisions with powerful dashboards that generate real-time insights about your business performance.

How do we supply it?

Source code

Full control in your hands

Your independence from the vendor. Source code with the ability to modify it. Full control over the whole product, infrastructure, and data.

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icon team

Dedicated team

Professional IT service

A dedicated IT team for your product development. Eliminate the headaches of hiring and managing IT guys.

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Build your digital payment product with SDK.finance

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Build your digital payment product with SDK.finance

    Source code

    Full control in your hands

    Dedicated team

    Professional IT service

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