Powerful FinTech Engine

We deliver quality Back-end-as-a-Service platform for FinTech companies

Key features

Save time

Dramatic time savings up to 90% achieved without compromising on quality

Save money

We solve the problems of high capital expense (“CapEx”) requirements. Save your money up to 10 times

High quality

We’ve got multiple departments for on-demand support of your team

Bespoke product

Top-notch FinTech product,
optimal modules and best execution

Integration with 3rd parties

Visa/MasterCard, banks and financial institutions, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Risk and Analytics components, etc.

Add new features

You are able to choose back-end functionality that you need and order additional development by SDK.finance team on demand

Updates included

We are continuously growing in stride with development of new technologies and changing demands of the global environment


Your sensitive data is protected

High-level requirements for source code security practice are implemented

Lapse+ (Lightweight Analysis for Program Security in Eclipse)

External penetration tests

Application Firewalls

VPN for cross-servers communications

SSL for data encryption of network sessions for public services

JUnit tests for source code quality verification

Database encryption mechanism

Quality policy

High quality testing procedures

Automated testing code coverage of SDK.finance solution is 60%. All operations are stable and executed

No backdoors no data mining

Your sensitive data is always yours. There are no data mining processes

Cutting edge

A “pre-fab” module-based software that can serve as a core of virtually any FinTech product

Media about us

SDK.finance allows FinTech founders to save time and money on product development. Its architecture helps to develop desired functionality.


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