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Launch your digital wallet neobank money remittance currency exchange payment acceptance POS payments QR payments ewallet crypto-to-fiat gateway in weeks, not years

A ready-made FinTech Platform to make your PayTech product go live in the shortest possible time.

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Card issuing
Card acceptance
Open banking

Features out of the box

Serving the customers
Tailored for
Client onboarding
AML/Anti-fraud capabilities
Built-in CRM
User action history
Tailored for

Individuals (ewallet, neobank, money remittance, currency exchange)

Merchants (payment acceptance via POS or online)

Corporate (neobank for corporate clients) (coming soon)

Client onboarding

Self-registration via email or phone

Flexible survey and document uploading (such as identity, utility bills, etc)


Automated (via pre-integrated vendors)

Manual (via back-office interface)

Two-factor authentication (2FA)


Accounts in any currency

Any digital assets: crypto, points, bonuses, etc.

Ledger for accounting and reflection in the system of any currencies or digital assets

Card issuing (via pre-integrated vendor)

IBANs (via pre-integrated vendor)

ACH (via pre-integrated vendor, coming soon)


Top-ups and withdrawals

Payment gateway operations (via pre-integrated vendors)

In-system transfers or payments

In-system currency exchange

External currency exchange (via pre-integrated vendors)

Payment link

QR-payments (coming soon)

Refund and chargeback (coming soon)

AML/Anti-fraud capabilities (coming soon)

Identify suspicious transactions promptly

Obtain the client’s confirmation to exclude fraud

Get a proof of income from a client to be AML-compliant

Freeze/unfreeze customer accounts if necessary

Close the case

Built-in CRM (coming soon)

All customer details and activities in one place

Communication with clients and creating notes

Chats with customers via in-system messaging service

Notes about a customer for future

User action history

Log of system activities by clients and team members

Full details: logins, sessions, actions performed

Valuable for investigation purposes

Monetization and finances
Contracts and vendors
Fees and limits
Reconciliation and settlement
Operations with cash
Contracts and vendors

Vendor terms and conditions input

Creating customer contracts with different sets of commissions and limits

Let customers choose the preferred contract type (e.g. with or without monthly fees)

Fees and limits

Customizable fees for any transaction: %, flat fee, or combination of them

Configuring the fee bearer (sender or receiver)

Transaction limits (per period, amount or number of transactions)

Reconciliation and settlement (coming soon)

Company liabilities reconciliation

Liabilities in front of your clients

Liabilities in front of your vendors

Identifying unmatched transactions and discrepancies

Resolving the detected issues

Clear picture of your company’s gains on top of transactions

Operations with cash

Ability to account any type of cash and manage “cash-desk” operations

Ecosystem of trusted partners

Explore the back-office for your team

Empower each team member with a convenient workspace to overperform their quotas and exceed customer expectations.

Clients Transactions and investigations Finances and reconciliation Vendors and contracts Team roles

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UX design

Explore our ready-to-use mobile UX design kit for your FinTech project. Navigate through the features and functionalities designed specifically for financial, banking and payment apps. Get a glimpse of your users' experience with your product based on the backend.

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Pay for success

We charge only for the transactions successfully processed via software.

The more transactions – the cheaper
As your transaction volume increases, per-transaction cost goes down.

0% transaction sum fees
Even a $1,000,000 transaction costs you no more than $0,1.

Free all other API calls
Logins, document uploads, checking balance etc. are free

Scale down pricing


$0,1 per


$0.01 per


$0.00005 per

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Case studies’s white-label payments software has become a game changer for our customers operating in the financial technology industry.

Digital wallet

MPAY wallet and
payment app

Discover how MPAY was able to transform a network of cash-in kiosks into a full-fledged payment app by integrating with software and building on it.

Payment acceptance

MENA payment processing giant

Learn how a leading payment service provider (NDA) from one of the MENA countries transformed its central transaction settlement system by integrating software into its existing POS network and managed an expansion to 3 countries.


Nebeus multi-currency accounts, linked to Crypto & Fiat

Explore how Nebeus, the go-to financial app for digital nomads and businesses, seamlessly connected clients' multi-currency accounts to their crypto assets, allowing users to effortlessly manage both traditional and digital currencies.


Dynamic scalability

With a workload capacity of 2700 TPS* (transactions per second), can easily handle over 233 million daily transactions on a basic configuration, with enough room for optimization.

In other words, it is scalable enough to sustain your business growth from 1 thousand to 1 billion+ monthly transactions without a hiccup.

*Internal transactions within the system.

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transactions per second
230 M
transactions per day
7 B
transactions per month
84 B+
transactions per year

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Perfect for many FinTech products

Digital wallet
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Money transfer
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Payment acceptance offline (POS, QR)
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Online payment gateway
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Currency exchange
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Banking ledger
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Unlock the full power of wallet architecture

Enable customers to pay and send money directly within the platform via in-system transactions functionality. Satisfy their financial needs, stimulating clients to keep their funds in the system as long as possible, and reap revenue growth.

  • Maximize profit on transaction fees
  • Enhance UX via streamlined transactions
  • Extend retention

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Worldwide recognition

Why do founders choose

Join the forward-thinking leaders who have chosen to empower their FinTech journeys with innovation and reliability.

Accelerated time-to-market

In most cases, the biggest part of development resources are spent on building the backend from scratch. With, the backend and important integrations are ready, so you can monetize your product a lot faster.

Cost savings

A subscription-based model without upfront investment is perfect for those starting, as we charge only for processed transactions monthly. The source code license price is far below the cost of developing the same functionality from scratch.

FinTech cloud-based software that works in any region application is rolled out in a public cloud so it has no geographical limitations. Our partner network covers all regions, from the Middle East and MENA to North America and LATAM.

Full control over the databases

While the main application is in the public cloud, the main database is hosted and maintained by your team for top data security, and regulatory compliance. No more compromised details and data localization regulatory nightmares.

400+ APIs and counting

A rich API layer makes up the backbone of the Platform. It streamlines the development of a wide range of digital banking and payment products, as well as creating custom integrations with third-party providers.

Security-centric architecture

The platform leverages the Spring Security OAuth implementation, which uses JSON web tokens. The tokens are encrypted and stored in the database. Additionally, we use OAuth2 keycloak, and SonarQube as a static code analyzer.

Minimized FinTech development risks

Many fintech projects never make it to the market, stuck at the backend development phase, which is lengthy and expensive. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you so that it is no longer an obstacle.

Global experience

With its unique delivery model, serves customers worldwide. The countries where our customers are located are:

Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates









United Kingdom

United States of America




Ivory Coast



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