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The Core Payment Platform For Banks & FinTech

  • Payments & loyalty functionality in white-label
    • 400+ RESTful API
      • 100,000,000+ transactions a month
        • 200+ payment methods globally, including VISA/Master Card, SEPA payments, Paypal, Bitcoin, e-money, etc.
          • Designed especially for the easiest integration with 3rd party you like (OAuth, KYC, AML, Biometrics, etc)
            • Cutting-edge technology & high-quality QA procedures
              • PCI-DSS compliant
                • PSD2-ready
                  • Fast start and migration
                    • Fair pricing

                      Functionality highlight


                      • Full set of payments operations:
                        • P2P money transfers
                        • Top-up & Withdrawal
                        • Payment acceptance includes Recurring payment & Subscription, Invoicing
                        • Dispute Resolution Services: Refund, Chargeback, Partial refund & chargeback
                        • Mass Payment
                      • Loyalty: Cashback, Bonuses, Points & Discounts
                        • Money exchange
                          • Issuing & redeem of Prepaid cards & Gift cards
                            • Multi-currency accounts for Clients


                              • The concept of actors includes:
                                • Primary actors: an individual, a merchant & mass-pay
                                • Services actors: CFO, Compliance, Anti-fraud, Cashier, Accountant, Exchange, Customer Support
                              • Fees & Limits for all types of operations
                                • Powerful reporting
                                  • Aggregation type of payment gateway
                                    • Multilingual system

                                      Payment & Loyalty functionality in API format

                                      400+ RESTful API allows you to design a front-end for clients that you dream about
                                      See available functionality


                                      Depending on the kind of the infrastructure the SDK.finance platform can handle several types of load. But it is critical to mention that the software is scalable and in case, of increased loads it can be easily settled.

                                      server’s configuration
                                      1 000 000
                                      transactions per month
                                      server’s configuration
                                      10 000 000
                                      transactions per month
                                      infrastructure configuration
                                      100 000 000
                                      transactions per month

                                      Business cases

                                      • Payment acceptance
                                        • Payment processing
                                          • E-wallets
                                            • Money exchange
                                              • Issuing virtual money
                                                • Gift cards
                                                  • Prepaid cards
                                                    • P2P money transfer
                                                      • Mobile POS
                                                        • Mass-payment service


                                                          the SDK.finance software is designed for the easiest integration with 3rd party providers you like (OAuth, KYC, AML, Biometrics, etc)


                                                          A “fast-mover” financial institution must be able to comply with the following:


                                                          Banks have a choice of extending their API development beyond the minimum requirements by solving the “innovate or die” dilemma. Customers are already enjoying the services provided by third parties which can innovate at a faster pace. It is crucial to ensure that the banking IT system is able to embrace the speed of the customers’ quickly evolving needs.


                                                          Another option is an API aggregation model where a bank is able to assemble multiple APIs via extended integration. That would allow banks to reach a broader set of merchants offering them access to a wide range of banks at one point.

                                                          Flexible Payment Gateway

                                                          • Payment Gateway is designed for integration of dozens
                                                            of payment tools
                                                            • Available from the box:

                                                              Mobile Apps

                                                              A FinTech product is like an iceberg. Only 30% of a product is a front-end and 70% is a back-end and infrastructure.

                                                              The back-end is the invisible part, but the most crucial one that deals with functionality, security and scalability. Unlike front-end, that should be unique, back-end could be unified for thousands of products. That’s the key point why we’ve invented a unified back-end that covers all you need in a transaction-related business.
                                                              You may design a mobile application that you need and simply consume API of SDK.finance that enables your users to work with it.

                                                              Infrastructure side

                                                              SDK.finance application is hosted on PCI-DSS ready infrastructure AWS, a database of your clients on your servers. You can host all on your servers if you buyout SDK.finance with source code.

                                                              Change-ready solution

                                                              SDK.finance platform is designed for the convenient way of implementation of changes into your product.
                                                              This is a building bricks concept. Simply put it
                                                              together into one product.

                                                              Quality Assurance procedures

                                                              SDK.finance development team performs
                                                              its job in line with the strict Software Development
                                                              Life Cycle (“SDLC”) policy.
                                                              SDK.finance provides the highest level quality
                                                              solution through regular updates and frequent
                                                              automatic testing procedures.

                                                              Code's side testing

                                                              • Arquillian and JUnit tests
                                                                • SonarQube, UpSource, FindBug, Lapse+
                                                                  • Application Monitoring + Infrastructure monitoring
                                                                    • Integration tests + Functional tests;
                                                                      • Open Web Application Security Project (“OWASP”)

                                                                        Servers’s side
                                                                        testing procedures:

                                                                        • External penetration tests with OWASP ZAP
                                                                          • Application Firewalls (depends on Environment)
                                                                            • VPN for cross-servers communications
                                                                              • Strong SSL - for data encryption of network sessions for publicservices
                                                                                • Database encryption mechanism


                                                                                  SDK.finance is continuously evolve following
                                                                                  the development of new technologies
                                                                                  and changing demands of the global environment.

                                                                                  Pricing models enable to 
keep your budget low


                                                                                  flat fee upfront
                                                                                  Eliminate CAPEX!

                                                                                  Buyout with source code

+ knowledge transfer
Run the product with your team!

                                                                                  How can you compare a cost of SDK.finance with other options?

                                                                                  It’s definitely cheaper than even internal development.

                                                                                  What will happen next?

                                                                                  Service Level Agreement

                                                                                  Service SDK.finance will provide the support services for the SDK.finance software based on the relevant SLA agreement in accordance to the volumes described below:

                                                                                  • Basic questions of the system operator, which can be resolved by the Customer support and the management of the Service Provider.
                                                                                    • Resolving issues regarding the infrastructure and architecture components. Servers, Databases, Infrastructure, and other tasks that can be resolved only by a System Administrator.
                                                                                      • Questions regarding the source code, the logic of the system in general. Setting the system parameters and other tasks that can be performed only by Developers.


                                                                                        Recurrent Payments

                                                                                        1. Individual orders goods/services from the Merchant
                                                                                        2. Individual chooses payment method and confirms payment
                                                                                        3. Individual chooses the payment to be recurrent

                                                                                        Loyalty points/bonuses

                                                                                        1. Create loyalty rules for certain types of goods/services

                                                                                        2. Send notification about promotion

                                                                                        3. Individual visits merchant’s store and orders the promoted goods

                                                                                        4. Individual chooses the payment method and makes a purchase

                                                                                        5. Individual can make purchases from his bonus account in Merchant’s stores


                                                                                        1. Log in to the back-office

                                                                                        2. Merchant creates cashback profiles, setting the percentage of the cashback that buyer will receive from each purchase

                                                                                        3. Individual orders goods with the cashback profile

                                                                                        4. Individual chooses payment method

                                                                                        5. Individual confirms the payment


                                                                                        1. Log in to the back-office

                                                                                        2. The user orders goods/services from the merchant

                                                                                        4. User chooses the payment method to pay the invoice (e.g. bank transfer)

                                                                                        5. User confirms the payment

                                                                                        6. Merchant delivers goods/services

                                                                                        6. Merchant fails to deliver goods/services


                                                                                        1. Log in to the back-office

                                                                                        2. Click Create Invoice

                                                                                        3. Fill in the invoice form

                                                                                        4. Confirm issue of invoice

                                                                                        Make External Transfer

                                                                                        1. Log in to the back-office

                                                                                        2. Choose the Make a transfer

                                                                                        3. Enter recipient’s ID (email or phone number)

                                                                                        4. Choose the method for transfer (e.g. bank transfer)

                                                                                        5. Enter amount

                                                                                        6. Confirm transfer


                                                                                        We are trustworthy