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White-label software solutions for payment-heavy businesses is a research and development company that offers e-wallets, general ledger layers and banking cores for established businesses and startups.

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Developing solutions that make client’s
business a success

Clients’ business specifics require a lot of integrations with one of the products offers them. In most cases, does not do the integrations of the software solutions, providing knowledge transfer to the in-house development teams instead. The company focuses on making the products we develop most agile, modular and ready for integrations.

The company’s motive is to bring with each offered piece of product a better quality of the software to the client and its development teams.

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White-label software solutions for payment-heavy businesses

Core banking and ledger layer software solutions

The company created infrastructure-agnostic agile software solutions that clients can deploy in-house or on the cloud. Some of the products are available in an on-cloud version by subscription.

White-label software solutions for payment-heavy businesses

e-Wallet software

A flexible and scalable digital wallet that can be embedded into a business with thousands of transactions per second. provides it on-premise, with an API module for faster integration with existing infrastructure and data flow.

  • has an on-cloud version
  • available on subscription
About the product
White-label software solutions for payment-heavy businesses

General ledger Layer

A multi-asset software solution for data management and operations accounting for the whole business ecosystem. The ledger layer allows transforming separate data flows of the business process into one enriched data mart, collecting and systemizing the information within the business ecosystem.

  • has an on-cloud version
  • available on subscription
About the product
White-label software solutions for payment-heavy businesses

Neobank core

White label banking core for the digital retail banks. A ready-to-go solution that has key functionalities of the neobank system and modular structure for more specific integrations. It allows cutting the time-to-market and development expenses while serving as a reliable core of the whole neobank.

  • on-premise solution
  • one-time purchase only
About the product

Why do customers choose constantly improves and updates the products it is offering the clients. The company focuses on software solutions for payment-oriented businesses, working on the effectiveness, security and reliability of the neobank cores, e-wallets and general ledger layers.

Industry-specific team of developers

Our company has 15 years of experience in the fintech market. We create and update the products and help our clients to integrate software solutions with their infrastructure. experience will save time and money for product development and knowledge transfer.

Faster time to market

We offer ready-to-go solutions for emerging businesses and those that have no time for 1-1.5 years of development. Our cloud general ledger layer and e-wallet allow you to transfer the business process easily and with little expense

Security and high performance by design develops reliable and secure solutions. Teams apply CI/CD practices to make the product development a flawless efficient process, also implementing automatic code quality and infrastructure checks. creates infrastructure-agnostic, modular architecture API-oriented products.

Software ready for integrations

The company focuses on the development of payment-oriented products for our clients. When our clients need some specific functionality in their ecosystem, we provide the API module for easy integration of third-party products.

Experienced business analytics team

In the discovery phase and specification of your product requirements document, team may help with implementing the best practices or highlighting the key functionality needed. We know from the inside how payment-heavy businesses function and are ready to share it.

The way from application to the product at your disposal

Application with a bit of information about the issue/product you search
Initial communication
Product requirement document (PRD)
Discovery phase and PRD specification
Contract examination and signing
Knowledge transfer, integration or subscription offered
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