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SDK.finance, a back-end software FinTech startup, is glad to offer partnership to FinTech accelerators that are seeking to hedge their investments and increase their ROI.

Armies of startups are knocking on your doors, trying to turn their brilliant ideas into multi-million dollar FinTech unicorns. A perfect environment that you provide – top-notch industry mentors, vital partnerships, and funding is a crucial prerequisite for success but not a guarantee unfortunately unless…Your startups are pretty much secured on the technological front. SDK.finance can take care of the backend and free up the resources for sales and marketing. Investors as result mitigate their risks of non-execution and increase their ROI tangibly.

Hence, partnering with SDK.finance you get:

  • Eliminated risk of non-execution. Bottlenecks on the technological front can bury the most brilliant idea.
  • Dramatical cost and time-saving. We enable startups to launch products 5-10 times faster-decreasing CAPEX 90% compared to current industry standards;
  • Ability to focus on marketing and sales instead of back-end development.