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AI-powered Document Verification Solution

Detect fake documents with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technologies

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Document Fraud Statistics

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$17 billion

losses due to identity fraud in US

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Passports and ID cards

are the most commonly faked type of documents (72%)

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the European Union

is the region by the number of fraud documents all over the world

Document Verification Solution

AI-powered document verification solution checks any types of documents (passports, ID cards, financial documents, bank statements,  COVID-19 passports, and others) for signs of manipulation and raises an alert when a modification, file corruption, inconsistency with past behavior, or other anomaly is found by the AI-based system.


How AI Document Verification Works?


Upload the document for verification

Select the file and upload it to start the AI-powered verification process.


AI, ML magic

Document scanning and validation process using AI, ML technologies



The system will automatically confirm the verification attempt as genuine or mark it as fraudulent

Key features

Document authentic and genuine verification

AI, ML models ensure that the document submitted by the potential customer is authentic

Identifying the extracted format of the documents

AI-backed document validation solutions are capable of identifying the extracted format of the documents

MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone) code validation

Performs the evaluations to check if the field is edited or tampered with

Government microprint verification

AI-powered documentation verification solution checks the microprint for validating the authenticity of the document

Testing pixels for authenticity

Detection of signs of forgery, even if it is capable of detecting minor changes of a single-pixel

File metadata checking

Extract metadata recorded behind your files, ranging from file size and modification history to the software tools used to create them


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Identity fraud is one of the most frustrating things banks, payment processors and credit companies have to deal with

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Government institutions

Verification of the authenticity of certificates provided to government agencies

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Human Resources Departments

Identity verification is the most essential check among all pre-employment screening checks.

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Identity and health documents verification for airlines, airports, hotels, travel agencies and other travel partners the means to perform automatic identification and COVID-19 document verification

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Real estate agencies

verification of the authenticity of passports, documents of ownership of real estate in the process of sale or lease

How do we supply it?

Dockerized application

Full control in your hands

Set up Document Verification app on your desktop or servers. All your data is stored on your own secure servers. No data sharing.

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Easy to use

Cloud version of Document Verification solution is easy to use to everyone (for personal use or small companies)

Get AI, ML-powered document verification solution

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Get AI, ML-powered document verification solution

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