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Apex vs Stellar. Apex Alternative. Stellar Alternative

Which core banking platform is right for your business?

Next-generation banks are disrupting the banking industry. Instant transfers, detailed analytics, and currency exchange at interbank rates are just some of the innovative features that most established banks cannot implement due to the outdated technology at their cores. 

With a modern core banking platform, banks can modernize their product offerings quickly and efficiently. In fact, according to McKinsey, some 70% of banks are already looking to upgrade their core systems to lower costs, accelerate time-to-market, personalize products, and create payment ecosystems. 

Apex Softwares 

With over 30 years of combined experience, Apex Softwares aims to deliver a wide range of solutions for automation of financial operations in the banking sector. Apex’s cloud-based core banking platform has been chosen for 20+ projects by companies in Africa, Europe, and New Zealand. 

The company offers a wide-range of solutions for automation of financial operations covering banking areas such as retail banking services, portfolio management, and savings, current and fixed deposit accounts.


Stellar is a non-profit open-source network that makes it possible to create, transfer, and trade digital representations of all forms of money. The platform’s API and SDKs let companies as big as IBM and as small as single-dev startups move money and access new markets. 

By creating a digital token layer to represent an underlying currency, the platform reduces regulatory barriers and costs for a radically different alternative to current financial transactions. 

Apex SoftwaresStellar
Number of clients20+ projects55
HeadquartersNairobi, KenyaSan Francisco, United States
Customer profileMicrofinance, banks, African cooperative savings and credit associationsAny company that wants to move money
Number of end-customers4 million
Number of employees50+
Number of offices14
SolutionsRetail and Mobile Banking
ATM Switch systems
Reporting and BI
System Integrations

Core Banking Software alternatives is the core payment software provider with a strong API layer for banks and FinTechs. Founded in 2013 and based in Vilnius, Lithuania, they offer a highly secure and mobile-ready solution to delight banking customers and take the lead in the open banking world.

The Platform consists of 5 main components: a back-end wrapped in 400+ API endpoints, 3 front-end frameworks, and web for system management with capabilities in iOS and Android for our clients. offers Digital Retail Bank software in whitelabel. Click here to learn more about the core banking platform, its features & functionality, use cases, integrations, and API, security, and used technologies.