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How to Apply For Payment Institution or Electronic Money Institution Licensing In the UK

Written by on Nov, 04, 2019

If you are planning to provide payment services or issue electronic money, you will need to apply with the FCA for registration or authorisation, either as a Payment Institution (PI) or Electronic Money Institution (EMI). We’ve put together a quick-fire guide that will help you navigate your way

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European banking system and PSD2 progress

Written by on Jun, 14, 2019

PSD2: Background and progress PSD2 and Open Banking are the two concepts being heavily discussed by market participants, experts and all the interested parties since first offered in 2013. We have also previously spoken on the subject. But the more time passes the more interesting it is to watch

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How to spot a good API

Written by on Nov, 12, 2018

The value and importance of APIs in business transformation today cannot be overstated. They are increasingly becoming a major integral part of how companies will conduct their business in the coming months and years. APIs have enabled businesses to optimize their internal efficiencies, reach new

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Is there a real contradiction between GDPR and PSD2?

Written by on Oct, 19, 2018

GDPR: Protecting consumer data On 25th may 2018, the new GDPR laws established by EU commissioner pertaining to EU economic area and European Union citizens and residents came to life. The new rules announced two years prior, promised steep penalties starting at $10million or 2% of annual company

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How to Choose a Payment API for P2P Transfers?

Written by on Oct, 02, 2018

The payments industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. The expansion and modification of payment applications, proliferation of gadgets & devices, evolving socioeconomics, the need for financial inclusion, and the imperative for innovation have all prompted to the rise of another class of

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