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Automated Reconciliation Service

Save hundreds of working hours on the reconciliation process for developers, managers, and accountants

Use case

A company has two counterparts that exchange transaction reports every day in CSV files by email. Each report consists of thousands of lines of transaction details, which add up to around a million transaction lines per month between the counterparts. For every month, the company wastes 8 working days of its employees for reconciliation while constantly dealing with human errors.

As a result, the company wastes time and resources to investigate and report deviations. 

What is the solution?

A cloud-based solution which automates the matching and reconciliation of transactions across multiple data sources.
Built on the Universal Financial Industry Standard ISO 20022, it is best for banks, payment service providers, electronic money, remittance, currency exchange, and other businesses.

Key features

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Powered by ISO 20022

Automated ISO 20022 data standardization including payment transactions, securities trading, settlement information, credit and debit card transactions, and other financial information.

Automatization of key processes

Automated import & export procedures, data parsing, comparison, matching, data encoding, and anonymisation. Save your team a significant amount of time, automate investigationand reporting of deviations.

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All popular data formats supported

Add any counterparty report or data source in any format (CSV, JSON, XML or direct contact to the DB).

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Share and collaborate

Manage access to generated reports for colleagues and counterparties.

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In-depth reports and analytics

Visualize data to uncover insights. Receive daily digests that highlight key matching events, alerts, and notifications.

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Industry-leading security

Security is baked into everything we do, including data storage and handling procedures that are SOC 2 accredited and ISO 27001 certified.

How does it work?


Set up a company's reconciliation space

- Connect data sources to the service (CSV, JSON, XML or direct contact to the DB)
- Add any counterparty report or data source in any format


Get reconciliation results in multiple formats

- A table illustrating the differences between spreadsheets
- A full detailed reconciliation report with all detected mismatches for manual matching
- A visualized report for the easiest way to explore insights and detect anomalies


Store all reconciliations results for future analysis

- Manage access to generated reports for colleagues and counterparties (share & collaborate)
- Secure long-term storage for all data and reports

Solutions for company of all sizes

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No obligations

Pay-as-you-go model. Low transaction volume. Scale-up according to your growing needs. Low-speed processing.

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No hidden fees

Transparent flat fee. All popular data sources. Medium transaction volume. Medium-speed processing.

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The full package

High-transaction volume. High-speed processing. Unlimited data sources and attributes .

What is ISO 20022?

ISO 20022 is a multi-part International Standard prepared by ISO Technical Committee TC68 Financial Services. The standard describes financial information transferred between financial institutions that includes payment transactions, securities trading and settlement information, credit and debit card transactions and other financial information. Organizations participating in ISO 20022 include SWIFT,  Visa, Ripple, FIX Protocol Limited, ISDA (FpML), ISITC, Omgeo. By 2025, 80 percent of global high-value payment volumes will use ISO 20022.

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Get the automated reconciliation service

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