Top banking software features

Written by Alex Malyshev on Oct, 25, 2016

The banking industry as we know it today, with challenger banks and attempts at integrating blockchain technology into financial services, had to undergo many changes over the course of time. Nowadays, to retain customers and stay ahead of the technology curve, the banking industry has to invest

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Why mobile wallet is the solution you need?

Written by Alex Malyshev on Oct, 05, 2016

If you still stuff your wallet with notes and coins and pray it closes, ‘retro’, ‘old school’, or how the strong-hearted ones will say, ‘vintage’, are all words that describe you. Credit and debit cards are on the borderline. In turn, it is contactless payments that are in the limelight

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Key features of a successful customer loyalty program

Written by Alex Malyshev on Sep, 14, 2016

A customer loyalty program has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of retailers around the globe. Not tapping this powerful tool means losing your market share in the short to mid-term perspective. However, not using it wisely can give a similar effect, since can incur tangible cash

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Tips for choosing a customer loyalty software

Written by Alex Malyshev on Sep, 01, 2016

If you don’t have customer loyalty, you don’t have customers – at least, not in a long-term perspective. It costs 5-6x more to acquire new customers than it does to keep the current ones. This encourages businesses to hunt for an optimal customer loyalty solution which will not only decrease

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Build a remarkable customer loyalty program on

Written by Alex Malyshev on Aug, 31, 2016

What can be tastier than a freshly baked cream croissant? Yes, you are absolutely right - flavor the delicious phrase with a simple yet immensely affective word “free”. Since the launch of the box top program by Betty Crocker in 1929, the first modern customer loyalty program, the ways to

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