Banking Software: SaaS vs. On-Premise

Written by Alex Malyshev on Dec, 02, 2020

New services, powerful integrations, and lower costs that come with modern software have transformed the banking industry. Vast technological improvements have turned rigid behemoth like core banking platforms into agile systems that can add and subtract functionality in days.  Integrating

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The Next Stage for Currency Exchange

Written by Alex Malyshev on Nov, 23, 2020

The foreign currency exchange market, a fundamental part of the global economy that enables cross-border trade and international travel, has historically been dominated by banks. Substantial regulatory hurdles, technical infrastructure requirements, and a mandate for ample liquidity have kept

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Digital Evolution in the Money Transfer Market

Written by Alex Malyshev on Nov, 10, 2020

Spurred on by innovations in FinTech and mobile banking, the money transfer space has gone from an expensive but necessary service with hidden fees to a mostly transparent quick, and easy one. Although many banks are still hanging onto the outdated business model, newcomers are forcing them to

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The Rise of Voice Banking

Written by Alex Malyshev on Oct, 28, 2020

Voice banking is poised to have a significant impact on the future of banking. Incumbent banks, challengers, the tech giants, fintechs, and startups are already competing to attract and retain customers within their voice-powered ecosystems. What is voice banking? Voice banking is a process

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Voice Payments: The New Revolution in FinTech

Written by Alex Malyshev on Oct, 21, 2020

Voice interaction is already speeding up daily banking tasks, from logging in and activating cards to making transfers and paying bills. Voice technology has the potential to improve financial services in more ways than just convenience and accessibility. New opportunities and cost savings that

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