Bitcoin Tale. Chapter 2

Written by on Feb, 11, 2018

A year passed since a young man named Christopher Pumpkin (a.k.a “Napkin”) received the Nobel Prize for saving the planet from global warming. As time has passed, however, the camp of his opponents has grown, since he has been blamed for the emerging Paper Chaos. SMEs, corporations, banks, and

Read more supercedes Visa in terms of API endpoints

Written by on Feb, 08, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic 8 February 2018, the European Core Payment Platform, supersedes Visa and other major players in terms of API endpoints. Striving to deliver the best-in-class back-end platform, beats the giants of the payment-processing industry and other major FinTech

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Bitcoin. Back to the future

Written by on Feb, 02, 2018

To all the bitcoin evangelists and sceptics alike is this dedicated With Bitcoin being the newsmaker this year, we cannot imagine a decreased interest in the digital gold next year and beyond. Moreover, we imagine below how bitcoin evolves from investment asset into a full-fledged transactional

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Servers & Databases

Written by on Jan, 12, 2018

How will servers and databases be organized in case of subscription? There will be needed at least 3 servers: 1) Server for your databases. You will choose, where to place this server. It can be in your country or not, depending on your legal issues. We recommend to use AWS, as our numerous

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Examples of Specific Requests

Written by on Jan, 12, 2018

We are building a payment solution like Paypal. Can help us? Yes, we can do it, and I'd like to pay your attention that payment industry shows really high competitiveness and expensiveness. So, each market participant should expect approx Euro500k expenses, otherwise, there is a high

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