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Business Case: Electronic Tickets

The Product: Electronic tickets for public transport

The Problem: Tickets for public transport are often not sold at every stop or station. Tourists usually have no idea about the ticket system, or don’t have local cash money. Transport companies would like to avoid the use of cash payments in order to manage proper control and accounting.

The Solution: The electronic system for payment of public transport, using different payment models (one-time payment, one-day ticket, monthly ticket, etc.). This business case can be implemented by different methods, using different types of payment such as:

  • Payment by SMS
  • Payment by NFC cards
  • Payment from the prepaid balance of the APP

We will review the in-app payment, the relevant control system shall be used: special hardware or Application for a controller who will read the QR code with the purchased ticket.

  1. User downloads the App and registers account.
  2. User tops-up his balance using different payment methods.
  3. User chooses the type of ticket he wants to purchase. Price of the ticket is charged from the user’s balance.
  4. The system generates relevant QR code.
  5. The Controller can read the QR code at the point of transport, or each transport unit may have the QR code scanner or other hardware to read the ticket and, if required, to activate it.