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Business case: Internal Payments

The Product: Internal wallet for festivals and big events

The Problem: When you visit a big music festival or some huge event, you are always faced with the problem of long queues at the bar or in the food court. Main reason for that is the system of cash payment. Visitors also don’t want to deal with cash because it can easily get lost or stolen.

The Solution: NFC bracelet or inApp wallet for internal payments on the festivals and events will allow visitors to avoid cash or card payments.

  • The balance of your Festival Wallet can be topped-up by any method, including cash, at one of the organizer’s agencies.
  • If using the NFC bracelet, it can also be a sort of souvenir for visitors bringing advertising to the Organizer.
  • Organizers have more control over the merchants.
  • Organizers have more marketing data about their visitors (what they like, how much time they have spent at the venue, etc).
  • Ability to involve other companies such as taxi, hotels, etc. to extend the wallet with more features.

  1. Visitor buys the ticket to the event. Event organizer provides ticket together with NFC bracelet and instructions for its use.
  2. Visitor registers his NFC bracelet.
  3. Visitor tops-up his NFC Bracelet balance by card, bank transfer, or through Organizer’s agent (including at the venue).
  4. User can pay on site with the bracelet for food and drinks as well as to use services of Organizer’s partners.