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Business Case: Payment In A Store From A Mobile Phone Account

Paying easily from your cell phone

The Product: Payment system integrated with mobile operators

The Problem:

VISA / MasterCard have a rather good penetration in the US and European markets. However, there are still many countries which are on the way to it.

The Solution: According to research, cellphones and Mobile Operator penetration is taking place faster than card services in the developing countries that allow for the use of mobile phone balance as a payment method at POS (instead of payment cards and cash).

Business case

A Client visits a Merchant’s shop. The Client can pay an invoice on the Merchant’s POS (Point of Sale) — cash desk. The cashier on POS chooses “Paying from a cell phone Balance,” instead of “Paying via VISA / MasterCard.” POS can be used with the implementation of the new alternative payment scheme — paying from a cell phone balance (Mobile Network Operators’ involvement), which is quickly developing and becoming rather popular in many countries.

VISA / MasterCard have already developed a system of POS-terminals payments.

You can also use it for your own benefit, becoming an analog provider.


  1. Earn on providing analog payment service instead of VISA / MasterCard;
  2. Synergy cooperation: Merchants would prefer to cut VISA / Mastercard fees through replacement of the payment provider.

  1. Client authorizes through POS terminal with the use of smart-card or mobile number.
  2. POS identifies the Client and sends the info to the Merchant.
  3. Merchant sends the sum of payment to the SDK.finance server.
  4. SDK.finance sends a request to pay $n, according to the payment method which the Client has chosen (Mobile Network Operator).
  5. Mobile Network Operator sends the code notification to the Client.
  6. Client enters confirmation code from his/her cell phone directly.
  7. Mobile Network Operator informs SDK.finance, Merchant (POS).
  8. Merchant gives a product to the Client.
  9. The involved funds are transferred to the Merchant’s Bank account.