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One-Click Payments

Set the service that allows customers to make online purchases with a single click. The payment information needed to complete the purchase should be entered by the user previously. The merchant stores it in an encrypted format.

This allows the online shopper to purchase an item without having to use a shopping cart software. Instead of manually entering the billing information for a purchase, a customer can use the one-click buying system and set a predefined credit card number to purchase one or more items.

How does it work?

  1. When buying goods online for the first time your customer should enter his or her credit card details. By allowing the merchant to save this data, the customer activates the one-click payments.
  2. For the second purchase onwards, the customer is able to click ‘Buy in one click’ and the money is automatically deducted from his card without entering the data.

Impulse buying can make up an estimated 1% of a business’ profit. If a business is extremely profitable, this number can be huge. One-click payments make impulse buying easier for customers.

To claim an item, the customer has to simply click on it, without the need to add it to a shopping cart of to re-enter the payment information. The one-click technology is becoming increasingly popular, with some of the biggest companies out there jumping on the one-click bandwagon (Amazon, Apple, Uber, Starbucks, Pinterest, etc). The numbers show that these companies are reaping the benefits with increased revenue and number of transactions.

This turnkey solution for marketplaces and e-commerce platforms allows an increased profit and customer loyalty. The simplified and automated process also leads to faster invoice payment.