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Business Case: Money Transfer Service

The Product: Money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges.

Global examples

The Problem:

  • High commissions for cross-border p2p transfers
  • Hidden interchange commissions
  • Most of the traditional money transfer companies require physical presence of the sender

The Solution:

Building a service using SDK.finance pre-fab functionality to let expats, foreign students, and businesses move money globally:

  • Simple one-service product for cross-border money transfer
  • Providing customers with a lower-cost alternative to traditional means of moving money internationally
  • Ability to send money from card or bank account to recipient’s card or bank account.

  1. User wants to send money to his friend.
  2. User visits the web page or uses the app.
  3. User chooses the method of transfer (e.g. from his card to recipient’s bank account).
  4. Funds are transferred to recipient’s bank account.