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Business Case: Prepaid Cards

The Product: Prepaid Cards service for small and middle enterprises.

The Problem: You are a business owner and want to attract more clients who will make regular orders.

The Solution:

On SDK.finance platform, you can build a simple service that will allow you to:

  • Issue pools of cards with a determined balance on them
  • The card can be physical or virtual
  • You can sell physical cards as gift cards
  • You can send cards to your potential clients — bringing them to buy your product/service
  • The card can be redeemed for cash in your store or online
  • Partnering with other merchants, you can allow owners of your card to use as a payment method with other merchants or service providers

  1. Merchant sends to Client a Gift Card with some balance (physical or virtual).
  2. Client registers the card in the App, checks the balance.
  3. Client can spend card balance at Merchant’s store.
  4. Client can send the Gift Card to a Friend.
  5. Friend spends the card balance at Merchant’s store.