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Business Case: Virtual Cards

The Product: A service providing virtual Visa and Mastercard cards for unbanked regions.

The Problem: In the countries with low presence of financial instruments, where people don’t have bank accounts and payment cards (Visa/MasterCard), people are faced with the problem of an incapability to make online purchases on famous international e-commerce platforms and simply to buy different digital goods.

The Solution:

SDK.finance gateway allows to connect the Visa/MasterCard card processors who will issue virtual Visa and MasterCard:

  • Users will be able to top-up their account with cash or by wire transfer
  • Funds will be stored on User’s balance in the system
  • Users can top-up the Visa/MasterCard virtual cards from their balance or directly at the network of agents.
  • Users can use virtual Visa/MasterCard for online payments.