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Top Core Banking Software List

Written by on Feb, 26, 2020

What’s the best core banking software in the world? Competition in the banking industry is intensifying. Next-generation banks are winning market share by targeting lucrative niches in the value chain, forcing incumbent banks to review their legacy platforms.  The good news is that there

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We are hiring! Business analyst

Written by on Mar, 15, 2018

Business analyst Requirements: Strong knowledge of 3 main languages: Business, Software development & English Be able to talk to business guys and elicitation of business and functional requirements Make complicated software development things clear to business persons

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Launching your FinTech product with

Written by on Dec, 13, 2017

It is not a rare situation for a FinTech startup to fail. There is an array of typical mistakes for startups and they lie in various dimensions such as funding, sales cycle, target market, etc. But one critical issue being often underestimated lies in the technology domain. Tech in FinTech It is

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Security technologies in mobile payments

Written by on Nov, 21, 2016

Mobile wallets have not hit the mass consumer market just yet, and m-payments technology is still early in its days, according to its adoption rate. But a 210% growth forecast for this year is good place to start. According to eMarketer, in the US alone the value of mobile payment transactions are

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Top banking software features

Written by on Oct, 25, 2016

The banking industry as we know it today, with challenger banks and attempts at integrating blockchain technology into the financial services, had to undergo many changes over the course of time. Nowadays, to retain customers and stay ahead of the technology curve, the banking industry has to

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