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Scalable software to build a standalone digital wallet on top or add electronic asset accounting functionality to your product.
Digital wallet solution UI

Cloud-based banking core software

Adjustable and scalable banking core software solutions for the payment-heavy businesses. Get the cloud infrastructure for the developing businesses.

One core to build all the functionality for the business around it develops solutions that allow to build a ledger layer-centric platform for the business or to replatform the existing business workflow with adding more software functionalities and qualities. builds ewallets for the cloud, banking core for the neobank or a basic ledger layer that could be integrated into the ecommerce platform. The company’s product range offers solutions for different business needs and leaves room for inhouse customisations by the customer’s dev.teams.

General Ledger Layer

Basic software solution for multi-asset ledgering of the business activities. It gives the functionality to manage the payments statistics, status, build in payment gateways and integrate it into the ecommerce platform or POS ecosystem.


eWallet on the cloud

Embeddable wallet for payment-heavy businesses. Allows multi currency accounts doing transactions via the transaction core functionality, integration with banking services providers for internal P2P and IBAN/SWIFT payments. Add new currencies, clients' accounts with multiple roles, fees and limits for the banking operations and services provided.


Banking core software solution develops a banking core that may be the basics for the neobank. The solution has a great potential for integration with third-party modules and providers to center a whole ecosystem of the new retail bank. The backoffice of the core can be the workplace for multiple teams (admins, analytics, support & customer development, finance and on). The banking core is a robust software solution that developers can scale up and out.

Additional features of the on-cloud banking software

Multi-asset accounting system


Open for third party integrations


Infrastructure agnostic

Cloud-based or home-hosted

personalizing platform transition

Fees and limits management functionality

personalizing platform transition

Users, Roles and permissions management

personalizing platform transition

Reconciliation functionality

personalizing platform transition

Multilingual setting-ups

Build anything you need out of it

The general ledger layer and more complex products from the’s product line could be a replatforming solution for the business or give new functionality and abilities it has never had before. products suit different business cases and could become the primary functional module of the business workflow. Here are the usecases of products:

Multi-asset accounting system

Get a ready-to-go general ledger layer on the cloud that can be integrated with the main data flows and data bases of the business.

POS and ecommerce platforms

Integrate all merchants and clients data flows into one system with solution helping to manage, track and analyse data about each actor and transaction.

Retail banks

Launch the neobank with most of its functiounality on the banking core developed by Get a reliable and scalable platform for hundred thousand banking operations a day.

Ewallet ecosystems for any industry

eWallet on the cloud could be integrated into the business workflow with payment services and multi currency accounts.

Choosing between cloud and on-premise software creates infrastructure agnostic software solutions. You can read more about technical specs and the way the company offers the access to the basic version of its product (general ledger layer ) on the AWS Marketplace. offers cloud hosting of the software solution, infrastructure maintenance and on-time update. Clients can integrate their infrastructure via the API module and download the fronts for the back-office and platform management on Github. Many businesses choose between in-house software development or at least software deployment. wants to take the burden of software and infrastructure maintenance off the clients and instead, offer expertise in product development and continuous product improvements.

Your product needs may be unique. Let's discuss them and find the right software solution

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