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White-Label Digital Corporate Banking Software

Build a competitive digital-only bank to cater to your business customers on top of the corporate banking system. Accelerate time-to-market, and save time and manhours by using market-ready core software deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

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Corporate banking Platform that operates in any country

White-Label Digital Corporate Banking Software


Deployed and operated on the cloud, maintained by, ready to be used by your team

White-Label Digital Corporate Banking Software

Compliant with data localization regulations

The database is hosted on the your own server, the app is in the cloud. Regardless of location, forget about data management compliance issues.

White-Label Digital Corporate Banking Software

400+ API endpoints

Implement a broad set of services for customers fast cost-efficiently thanks to the API-first architecture.

White-label commercial banking software solution

Reduce time-to-market corporate banking software platform makes up a shortcut in the product development cycle, enabling you to kick off your business banking product in less time and with less spendings. Get your digital-only bank up and running in half the time and focus on adding the necessary features to a reliable transactional core rather than build it from scratch.

Start with cloud, move to on-prem later is a commercial banking software provider offering cloud-based platform for a start with the chance to obtainits source code license later on. Get total freedom to customize, upgrade and extend it as necessary without vendor-related bottlenecks, at your own pace.

Personalize offerings

Tailor commercial terms for each of your customers and group them in a contract. Configure pricing plans with specific fees and limits for each operation type. Find the balance between maximum value for customers and profit for your business.

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Ensure top-notch corporate banking experience commercial banking system offers the foundation needed to help your bank satisfy your clients’ banking needs thanks to its customer-centric approach.

Fully-remote onboarding

Let customers open their accounts online thanks to a convenient document upload tool, and an ability to integrate a KYC-tool for a manual KYC process.

Accounts in any currency

You can add as many currencies to the system as you find necessary, from fiat to custom created. Allow customers operate their funds in the currencies of their choice.

Currency exchange

Allow customers to operate any currency they need. Facilitate transactions in different currencies thanks to an automated currency exchange.

Visa/MasterCard issuing

Offer a complete set of cardholder services by issuing Visa/MasterCard cards linked to the customer's account (requires an integration with vendors).

Choose the best Development way

Our company will assist you from the idea to its implementation in code and interface.

Dedicated development team

Speed up your corporate banking solution with team

Cooperate with experts to develop your digital banking product faster on top of our Platform.
  • Accelerated Product release.
  • Ready-made corporate banking Platform.
  • Expert team without hiring headaches
  • Saved in-house team’s resources
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Self-service development

Equip your team with Platform for streamlined development

Empower your tech team with a flexible core for faster and more efficient digital bank development on top of our Platform.
  • Backend banking software that’s ready to go
  • No starting from scratch
  • Efficient development for in-house tech team
  • SaaS and Source Code software versions available
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    What is the commercial banking system price?

    We offer a set of pricing plans that differ depending on the feature set included. Check out our pricing page for details.

    Can I get your corporate banking product demo?

    Absolutely – you can access our dedicated digital commercial. banking product page with detailed videos here. In case you would like more details, contact us and we’ll be get back to you shortly.

    What integrations are supported by the commercial banking software? API-first architecture allows integrating any 3rd-party tools for each stage of the customer journey. Our digital banking API set makes it easy to connect your banking engine to the ready-made components rather than having to develop them from scratch.

    Is digital corporate banking system cloud-based or on premise?

    Our commercial banking software is available in both variants:

    1. Its cloud version is available on the major cloud providers marketplaces like AWS or Azure, with a subscription-based payment model. You get the app deployed on the cloud, while the database is hosted on your own server for the sake of regulatory compliance.

    2. Also, you can choose an on-premise version that comes with the source code license, available for a one-time flat fee. Learn more about the details of the source code purchase and knowledge transfer.

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