Turn your customers into lifelong brand advocates with our loyalty program software - upscale, affordable and highly customizable.

Customer loyalty program

We offer various types of loyalty programs that will suit your business needs best and reap you highest rewards:

  • bonus cards
  • loyalty coupons/promo codes
  • freebies
  • discounts within your merchant network


  • Maximize customer retention. 80% of your sales are generated by 20% of your customers. Our customer rewards program will help you retain most valuable customers.
  • Increase transaction amounts. Use the loyalty coupons to promote slow-moving merchandise.
  • Gain insight into your customers. Our reporting tool enables to track your customers' visits, frequency, money spent, as well as anticipate sales trends.
  • Monetize on a word-of-mouth approach. Offer loyalty bonuses for customers who refer their friends to your business.
  • Win additional competitive advantage. Our customer loyalty software embodies high-end quality and implementation simplicity yet significantly saves your budget.

Administrative options:

  • Control over merchants and users
  • Create discount or bonus programs
  • Set the loyalty rules of giving and spending the bonus/discount
  • Manage coupon codes issuing
  • POS (point of sale): add & manage any POS in the system
  • Add & manage new promotion campaigns in the system
  • Add & manage contracts
    • Set the rules of a contract: limits, commission rates, currency exchange rates, thresholds
  • Dispute resolution system (DRS): solve arguments between users (an example: merchant/user)
  • Refund and chargeback operations: manage and resolve the return process of funds to a consumer forcibly initiated by the consumer-s issuer of the payment instrument
  • Reporting & analytics
    • Basic - transaction reports
    • Advanced - data analytics and visualisation based on a business model
  • XML or Web Services Integration: a connector that acts as a "translator" between customers and suppliers allowing different formats or programming languages ??(usually XML) to be compatible
  • System logs & alerts: store the history of all events inside the system

Merchant functionality (back-office dashboard)

  • Multi-currency merchant account:
    • Balance
    • Points of sale
    • Receive payments
    • Withdrawal
  • Merchant profile:
    • Company profile
    • Contact details
    • Contract details
    • Compliance procedures
  • Reporting & analytics:
    • History overview (list of transactions)
    • Transaction details overview (payer details, amount of payment, payment type (recurrent payment or not), purpose, currency, invoice number)
    • Advanced data analytics and visualisation of unstructured payments data, transforming it into a rich source of strategic insights that helps optimise the online business and drives sales
  • Withdrawal: initiating the money withdrawal from the merchant account
  • Provide limited access to employees via Merchant Operator
  • API (payment interfaces integration)
  • Block users: manage for security purposes the list of users which are not able to make payment operations
  • Limits by operation: set the limits by operation per transaction/day/week/month

The typical list of actors for Customer Rewards Program:

  • Primary actors:
    • Merchant - sells goods or services at loyalty platform, receives payments
    • User - buys goods or services at loyalty platform, pays to merchant
  • System actors:
    • Chief financial officer (CFO) - responsible for the financial and economic essence of the business
    • Compliance manager - manages the merchants and ensures the security of their involvement in the KYC system (know your customer)
    • Business development manager (BDM) - responsible for merchant onboarding and revenue plans offers flexible pricing for our loyalty program software. We will be in touch shortly to get you started with a package that compliments your business needs best.

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