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Data science solutions for the financial industry

Increase sales and revenue, get helpful insights about your business, and optimize daily routines with data science tools

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Transforming data into value

Data science, machine learning, deep learning, big data, and artificial intelligence open up great opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners. The financial industry is empowered the most by cutting-edge data science and Robotic Process Automation solutions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities help transform data lakes into helpful insights. Data Science is widely used in customer segmentation, products recommendations, forecasting, predictions, risk analytics, and card fraud detection.

Earn more from existing clients and attract new customers

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Product inbound growth

Get behavioral insights about your customers. Personalize services and offer new products to your clients. Upsell and cross-sell

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Optimize earning

Determine the optimal price for your products. Adjust commissions to optimize earnings using A/B testing

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Target ads at the right segments

Add cohort analysis to your digital marketing campaigns. Identify hidden patterns behind the best performing merchants and terminals

Deep learning powered insights for decision making

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Risk management

Optimize risk

Offer higher credit limits, additional services, and lower rates only to reliable clients based on their previous financial history and future prospects

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Forecasting and predictions

Get helpful insights

Turn the raw data stream into actionable insights and predictions of revenue, sales, and system performance

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Real-time anomaly detection

Identify anomalies

Detect unexpected transaction amounts, frequency, and take actions in real-time

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Auto ML Card fraud detection

Prevent losses

Identify suspicious behavior to prevent fraud and unnecessary financial losses

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Automated reconciliation

Optimize routines

Save hundreds of accountant hours by automating the transaction matching and reconciliation process across multiple data sources

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Terminal misconfiguration detection

Reduce downtime

React proactively to resolve hardware misconfigurations, malfunctions, and Points of Sale hacks

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Implement data science solutions in your business

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Implement data science solutions in your business

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