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Fintech software to fast-track projects delivery

If you’re into custom fintech development, using our software means providing your tech team with a solid foundation for a new fintech project and seriously accelerating the release, while your competitors start from scratch.

You can build a range of financial products, from e-wallets and digital banking services to payment processing and remittance systems on top of fintech engine and save tons of man-hours plus beat the competition.

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Ready backend – an alternative to from-scratch development is a powerful API-driven fintech platform built by developers, for developers. It offers a ready transactional core, or backend, in other words, that can be tweaked to meet your customers’ most sophisticated fintech product requirements. 

No vendor lock-in

Our software comes with a source code license that grants you full control plus freedom of modifications independently from the vendor.

Completely white-label

The platform simply does the work in the background. You can rebrand, modify it and take all the credit, strengthening your reputation and attracting new customers.

Cutting-edge tech stack

Build upon the software that uses the latest technologies and fintech developments, meaning it will remain up-to-date for years to come. More on the technology.

Knowledge transfer

Experienced fintech developers, designers, and business analysts share the ins and outs of our platform with your team during the knowledge transfer period, before you make a final decision.

Why choose as a tech partner?

Fintech software to fast-track projects delivery

API-first approach (400+ RESTful APIs)

Fintech software to fast-track projects delivery

Cutting-edge technology stack

Fintech software to fast-track projects delivery

Scalable infrastructure

Fintech software to fast-track projects delivery

Security by design

Fintech software to fast-track projects delivery

Flexible CI/CD

Fintech software to fast-track projects delivery


Special terms for software development companies

We are committed to helping businesses deliver high-quality financial products and services to their clients, leveraging our platform and technical expertise. Therefore, we offer special terms for development companies looking for solutions to their customers’ requests.

Competitive pricing

We offer transparent pricing models, clear contracts, and fair rates to help you deliver value for money to your clients. We understand that as a software development company, you need a tech partner that can provide you with cost-effective solutions that will help you grow your business.

Deliver projects ~6 months faster

Our software has all the necessary features and components needed for building ledger-based financial products. Your team gets the ready backend solution to build upon, and the basic UI kits to customize or build your own.

Rock-solid fintech expertise

Our team has 15+ years of experience in fintech software development, the platform being its essence. We never stop innovating and our developers are always on hand to provide guidance whenever you need it.

Support and consulting

After the source code handoff, we will be there for you to support and assist with specific platform-related questions.

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how we can work together to make it a win-win!

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