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Digital Banking Solution

Create a seamless digital banking product to meet your customers’ financial needs and grow your business profit. Speed up time-to-market, building on the pre-developed banking software on your own, or have our dedicated team with over 15 years of experience develop it for you.

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Digital banking Platform to drive growth

Base your digital bank on a reliable pre-developed PayTech core to launch your digital banking solutions faster.


Enter the financial market faster

Build your digital banking solution in a short time and transform the initial development steps into the main phase of growing your customer base and revenue.

Easily integrate with third-parties

Our API-first architecture ensures easy integration with third-party services, allowing you to expand your offerings and integrate new functionality for your customers' financial needs.

Scale smoothly​​

We use the cutting-edge technology suite, carefully selected to help businesses achieve three goals: expansion, scalability, and security. More information about our technology is available here. ​​​​

Attract customers

Promote customer acquisition and retention through customized contracts and pricing plans. Increase profitability through higher customer lifetime value and operating fees.

Boost retention

Exceed customer expectations by responding quickly to inquiries and proactively anticipating their needs, driving loyalty and revenue.

Increase revenue

Monetize different customer segments through customizable transaction fees and limits.

Key features of digital banking solutions

The platform provides the essential functionality required to make your digital banking solution meet all of your customers’ banking needs, thanks to its flexibility and customer-centric approach.

<strong>Digital Banking Solution</strong>
Multi-currency accounts

Enable your customers to manage funds in their preferred currencies and streamline international transactions.

P2P money transfers

Facilitate the transfer of funds between customers’ friends and family within the system, simplifying the process of splitting expenses.

Currency exchange

Provide automatic currency exchange for transactions with different currencies.

Popular payments

Connect with local providers to enable utility bill payments, Internet payments, cell phone top-ups.

Expense tracking

Help your customers categorize and visualize their expenses, offering a clear overview of their financial health.

Affordable and cost-efficient digital banking solution

<strong>Digital Banking Solution</strong>

Hybrid-cloud deployment

The software is deployed and maintained in the cloud by our team, while your team fully controls and hosts the key databases.

<strong>Digital Banking Solution</strong>

API-first architecture

Easily integrate your Product with third-party services utilizing its 400+ REST APIs.

<strong>Digital Banking Solution</strong>

SaaS and source code license

Choose the right version: a cloud-based SaaS solution or an on-premise version with a source code license.

<strong>Digital Banking Solution</strong>

Experienced technical team

Get a dedicated team with 15+ years of experience in developing payment products to launch your digital banking solution faster.

Choose the development strategy to bring your digital banking solution to life

FinTech software development is a complex process that requires significant time and resources. serves as a backbone for building your payment Product,  accelerates the time-to-market and saves team time and resources.

Self-service development
Dedicated team by

The solution

Your tech team develops a Product on top of the Platform (SaaS or source code license).

Best for  

Businesses with in-house tech teams or reliable outsourcing software development partners.


Before Product launch: €900/month

After Product launch: €2100/month+€0,1 per transaction

Source code buyout : €400,000 flat fee
Pricing details

The solution

Our team builds your Product using the software Platform as the foundation. More details about the dedicated team.

Best for

Customers without an in-house development team or lacking the expertise for FinTech projects.


Development mode: team compensation only

Live mode: team compensation
Platform fee: €2100/month+€0,1 per transaction

Source code buyout: €400,000 flat fee

Pricing details


Discuss your custom FinTech software development needs

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Case studies: digital retail bank solution in action

Our banking software supports companies that process large payment volumes and enables them to create digital banking solutions with our pre-developed payment Platform.

Leading MENA Payment Service Provider

Discover how a prominent payment service provider (NDA) in the MENA region has enhanced its core transaction accounting system by integrating software into its current POS network.


MPAY: A user-friendly payment app

Learn about how MPAY utilized the Platform to transform their cash-in payment kiosk network into a comprehensive application catering to the customers' payment needs.


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    Can I request your digital banking solution Demo?

    Yes, we provide an interactive sandbox demo environment on our product Demo page. It’s available there and then, no need to send a demo request and wait.
    If you need more details or have any questions, do reach out to us and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

    What integrations are supported by the digital banking software? architecture allows integrating any 3rd-party tools for each stage of the customer journey. Our 400+ REST API set makes it easy to connect the ready-made components to your platform SDK rather than having to develop the necessary functionality from scratch.

    What technology stack is used for the digital banking platform?

    A technology stack is a complex of programming languages, frameworks, and databases used to create a payment solution. utilizes the following technologies for digital baning solution:

    • Programming languages: Java 17 LTS
    • Frameworks: Spring 5.3.9, Spring Boot 2.5.4, VUE.JS 2.6.12
    • Databases: PostgreSQL 13.3, MongoDB 4.2.2
    Are there any location-related restrictions for using your digital banking solution?

    There are no location-related restrictions for using digital banking software from The primary databases are under your team’s control in both SaaS and source code variants.

    In the SaaS version, the hosts and maintains only the backend application on AWS or another cloud service provider. Consequently, you can comply with regulatory requirements related to sensitive data management and storage.

    Is an open-source system?

    The system is available as a SaaS version by subscription or one-time source code license purchase. You can download and modify our front-office and back-office UI packs/UI kits at GitHub, but all functionality lies in using the APIs of the backend app.

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