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Scalable software to build a standalone digital wallet, a prepaid ewallet or add electronic asset accounting functionality to your product.
White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Tailored for FinTech SMBs, ambitious startups, and financial institutions, our end-to-end digital wallet software solution ensures a swift start, cost-effectiveness, and seamless growth for your e-wallet product. Accelerate your time-to-launch and conquer new markets with the e-wallet solution.

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Features out of the box

Serving the customers
Tailored for
Client onboarding
AML/Anti-fraud capabilities
Built-in CRM
User action history
Tailored for

Individuals (ewallet, neobank, money remittance, currency exchange)

Merchants (payment acceptance via POS or online)

Corporate (neobank for corporate clients) (coming soon)

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
Client onboarding

Self-registration via email or phone

Flexible survey and document uploading (such as identity, utility bills, etc)


Automated (via pre-integrated vendors)

Manual (via back-office interface)

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Accounts in any currency

Any digital assets: crypto, points, bonuses, etc.

Ledger for accounting and reflection in the system of any currencies or digital assets

Card issuing (via pre-integrated vendor)

IBANs (via pre-integrated vendor)

ACH (via pre-integrated vendor, coming soon)

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Top-ups and withdrawals

Payment gateway operations (via pre-integrated vendors)

In-system transfers or payments

In-system currency exchange

External currency exchange (via pre-integrated vendors)

Payment link

QR-payments (coming soon)

Refund and chargeback (coming soon)

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
AML/Anti-fraud capabilities (coming soon)

Identify suspicious transactions promptly

Obtain the client’s confirmation to exclude fraud

Get a proof of income from a client to be AML-compliant

Freeze/unfreeze customer accounts if necessary

Close the case

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
Built-in CRM (coming soon)

All customer details and activities in one place

Communication with clients and creating notes

Chats with customers via in-system messaging service

Notes about a customer for future

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
User action history

Log of system activities by clients and team members

Full details: logins, sessions, actions performed

Valuable for investigation purposes

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
Monetization and finances
Contracts and vendors
Fees and limits
Reconciliation and settlement
Operations with cash
Contracts and vendors

Vendor terms and conditions input

Creating customer contracts with different sets of commissions and limits

Let customers choose the preferred contract type (e.g. with or without monthly fees)

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
Fees and limits

Customizable fees for any transaction: %, flat fee, or combination of them

Configuring the fee bearer (sender or receiver)

Transaction limits (per period, amount or number of transactions)

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
Reconciliation and settlement (coming soon)

Company liabilities reconciliation

Liabilities in front of your clients

Liabilities in front of your vendors

Identifying unmatched transactions and discrepancies

Resolving the detected issues

Clear picture of your company’s gains on top of transactions

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
Operations with cash

Ability to account any type of cash and manage “cash-desk” operations

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Build the ewallet people will prefer ewallet provider offers the foundation needed to equip your digital wallet product for success to make it your clients’ favourite and meet their financial needs.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform
Accounts storing any currency/assets

From fiat currencies and bonus points to coffee beans and liters, deal with almost any type of assets using our transactional engine as a foundation. Add as many currencies or other asset types to the digital wallet system as you deem necessary, without any limits.

Bank payments

Integrate with a banking network to provide bank payments: IBAN, SWIFT to satisfy your users’ financial services needs and let them transfer funds to bank accounts. This is an opportunity for your digital wallet product to attract different audience segments and increase the turnover.

Borderless transfers

Provide internal P2P transfers, irrespective of the location. Whether it’s a transfer to a friend at the bar or sending money overseas, let your users do it in a few clicks, saving them from the transfer-related hassle. Enable payments between cards, wallet and mobile via an integration with the corresponding service or payment providers.

Popular payments

Integrate local vendors to enable utility bills and broadband payments, mobile phone recharge, and payments for other popular services.

Currency exchange

Enable customers to open their wallets in multiple currencies and perform currency exchange within their wallets.

Card issuing

Offer seamless virtual and physical card issuing services for managing debit cards hassle-free via our easy-to-use card issuance API.

Digital wallet dedicated development will assist you from the idea to its implementation in code and interface

  • Streamline product delivery
  • Use a pre-developed FinTech backend
  • Cooperate with a team of experts without the hassle of hiring
  • Conserve the valuable resources of your internal team
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Ewallet solution for boundless growth

Catering for various customers
Cost savings
Monetization tools
Convenient back-office

Both for individuals and merchants

Serve individual customers, helping them pay and make purchases, as well as businesses, helping them get paid by accepting payments online, in-store or even on the go.

Affordable subscription model

The pay-as-you-go cloud-based model is a solution for startups seeking a cost-effective approach to software development. By charging solely for processed transactions on a monthly basis, this model eliminates the need for upfront investment.

Open new revenue streams

Our virtual wallet software can be used to build a loyalty or rewards program, provide meal vouchers for employees, gift of prepaid cards etc. – just to name a few of the use cases. Monetize each customer segment via flexible commissions and operations fees and limits. Achieve a balance between delivering value to customers and increasing your bottom line.

Boost team productivity digital wallet software backoffice can help your team get more done. Enable each staff member to focus on important business tasks rather than coping with routine to influence overall customer satisfaction and promote revenue growth.


Affordable digital wallet software for a quick start

No commitment or hefty investments. Enjoy the convenience of the pay-as-you-go pricing model and let us handle the ewallet app engine maintentance.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Affordable solution

We offer affordable pricing that is undoubtedly far below the cost of developing the same functionality from scratch.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Works in any country

Your database is hosted on your company's server. Regardless of location, regulatory compliance will be easier to ensure.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform


400+ digital wallet API endpoints let you connect your payment solution to a broad set of customer services fast and cost-effectively.

Dynamic scalability

With a robust workload capacity of 2700 TPS* (transactions per second), system handles over 233 million daily transactions even on a basic configuration.

This scalability ensures that the Platform can effortlessly support your business growth, accommodating transaction volumes ranging from 1 thousand to 1 billion+ monthly transactions without any performance hiccups.

Out-of-the-box integrations

The digital wallet Platform stands out with its seamless integration capabilities. It comes equipped with pre-integrated vendors for key functionalities such as payment acceptance, card issuance, and KYC compliance. This streamlined integration process ensures a hassle-free setup for your financial operations. More information about integrations here. digital wallet solution use cases

Thanks to its adaptability and flexibility, our ewallet platform caters for various industries and business types.
Below there are just a few examples of how it can be implemented to open new revenue streams for established businesses.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

eCommerce/retail marketplaces

Connect sellers and buyers by enabling peer2peer transfers between them in different currencies. Create an escrow-like intermediary role to keep the money after it has been paid till the buyer is satisfied with the purchase to secure the funds.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Loyalty program

Build a rewards program around a closed-wallet system. You can introduce prepaid, gift or bonus cards, maintaining a record of each operation, updating balances in real-time, which will bring more value for your customers or employees.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform


Leverage the software from a digital wallet provider to set up a new revenue stream. Provide customers with an alternative to a bank account - let them receive and send money plus complete payments with their mobile balances.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Asset accounting

Integrate a ledger layer for asset accounting into your existing product or business. Assign a wallet to each unique device, vehicle, or appliance and use it to store, transfer, and monitor any asset of your choice.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform


Stay competitive and receive additional revenue by providing mobile wallet services 24/7 to your customers on-the-go.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Gaming industry

Let your customers store their assets in their wallets and pay using them, for convenience and deeper engagement.

One-stop-shop digital wallet solution

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Faster time-to-market

With e-wallets, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but streamlines the development process. Deploy your ewallet software on your servers or use its cloud-hosted version for even faster start. No need to build from scratch - which seriously cuts down the development time and costs.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Easy start

Our digital wallet platform's delivery is cloud-based, with a subscription pricing model. No commitment or investing large sums upfront. Benefit from cloud-hosted software without any maintenance-related fuss. But if you're looking for on-premise software, we've got you covered too.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Powerful transactional core

Our ewallet API platform is a robust ledger designed using the latest fintech software development technologies. It can handle the influx of users and operations so that your team can focus on creating the custom functionality, with no need to look under the hood. More on the technology.

White-Label Digital Wallet Software Platform

Standalone or embedded

Launch a full-fledged digital wallet product or add e-wallet payment solution's functionality to your existing product and unlock its cash-generating potential. You can configure and use a virtual or real currency, bonus points, or any other value of an account, which gives you limitless possibilities of extending your offering.

Case studies helped payment heavy businesses to build their payment solutions on top of our digital wallet-based platform.

MPAY - a payment app with ewallet

Through integrating telecom wallets into the existing POS network, Paywell built a loyalty system for retailers and developed a mobile application for improved user experience.


Leading MENA PSP revamps its transaction accounting system

Explore how a leading payment service provider (NDA) from one of MENA countries transforms its core transaction accounting system by integrating software with its existing POS network.


Get in touch and let's discuss which ewallet software option works best for you

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    What are the benefits of using SDK-finance digital wallet software with source code?
    1. You purchase the digital wallet source code license and get the freedom of modifications as you see fit.
    2. Your team can customize the ready-made ewallet software so that it meets all regulatory, security and compliance standards.
    3. You start off having an essential part of your product at hand – a robust wallet engine designed to be easily extended via integrations, virtually without limits.
    4. There’s one flat fee to pay and no need to bother about the recurrent subscription expenses.
    Can I request your digital wallet product Demo?

    Yes, we provide an interactive sandbox demo environment at our product Demo page. It’s available there and then, no need to send a demo request and wait. 
    If you need more details or have any questions, do reach out to us and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

    What integrations are supported by the ewallet software? architecture allows integrating any 3rd-party tools for each stage of the customer journey. Our 400+ RESTful API set makes it easy to connect the ready-made components to your wallet SDK rather than having to develop the necessary functionality from scratch.

    How does e-wallet payment work?

    To clarify the payment process of an e-wallet, let’s consider the following steps:

    1. The customer (cardholder) enters the card information into a payment service provider, like Apple Pay.
    2. Then the card details are encrypted by a token service like VISA or VisaNet via a token requestor.
    3. When the token service approves this request, the transaction is made and money is transferred to the merchant account.



    What technology stack is used for the e-wallet platform?

    A technology stack is a complex of programming languages, frameworks, and databases used to create a payment solution. utilizes the following technologies for e-wallet platform:

    • Programming languages: Java 17 LTS

    • Frameworks: Spring 5.3.9, Spring Boot 2.5.4, VUE.JS 2.6.12

    • Databases: PostgreSQL 13.3, MongoDB 4.2.2

    Can I buy the e-wallet app source code?

    To buy the e-wallet app source code you can contact us, and share your product vision.

    The purchasing process takes 3 steps:

    1. Technical audit of the product by your team.

    2. Knowledge transfer – from our team to yours.

    3. Signing the contract and code handoff.

    Read Source Code Purchase Workflow to get detailed information.


    Is an open-source e-wallet system?

    The e-wallet system is not open source. You can download and modify our front-office and back-office UI packs/UI kits for electronic wallet on GitHub, but all functionality lies in using the APIs of the backend app.