Education & training provides trainings for the internal development teams on how to develop FinTech products on platform. The interactive, hands-on classes will accelerate your team’s ability to use, configure and implement our back-end platform according to your special business needs.
A wide variety of core payment FinTech products can be built using, including  payment systems, e-wallets, payment processing, P2P money transfer, gift & prepaid cards, billing systems, currency exchange and mobile payments.
The full list of FinTech solutions built using back-end platform can be found here.
During this course, attendees learn how is organised and gain hands-on experience in working with the platform. This course is designed for Java developers who start working with


Middle/Senior Java Developers


4 days (32 hours) in-house or online sessions

Here are the classes we offer, depending on how you work with our back-end platform:

  • ‘Getting started with Introduction in the system’ – 8 hours
  • ‘The system core’ – 4 hours
  • ‘APIs overview’ – 1 hours
  • ‘Actors module’ – 2 hours
  • ‘Payment gateway module’ – 2 hours
  • ‘Payment interfaces module’ – 2 hours
  • ‘Report subsystem’ – 2 hours
  • ‘Fee subsystem’ – 2 hours
  • ‘Exchange subsystem’ – 2 hours
  • ‘Loyalty subsystem’ – 2 hours
  • ‘POS module’ – 1 hour
  • ‘Third parties integration’ – 2 hours
  • ‘ software deployment on Amazon Web Services’ – 2 hours’


lead-developer at


Documentation is free of charge. Visit the developer’s center and read API’s description.


You can purchase team (private/company) sessions, scheduled at your convenience either online or in-house.
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Our specialists are ready to teach FinTech developers and internal teams how to develop custom-made solutions based on the platform. team has more than 10 years’ experience in FinTech product development and financial services security. At various stages in the past, we have launched a number of payment and financial products.
Read more about product development procedures here.
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