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Enterprise fintech solution with source code license

Build a payment, money transfer or transaction product on top of fintech engine and save at least 1 year of active development, as well as funds and team resources.

Broaden your product scope and market opportunities, extend your core solution and attract new customer segments by using a powerful payment platform with a proprietary license.

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Get a first-rate fintech software foundation for your next innovation

Independence from the vendor

You receive the solution designed by seasoned fintech experts, with exhaustive documentation and a knowledge transfer period for your team - and get the source code license along with total freedom of updates and modifications as per your product roadmap and at your own pace.

Completely white-label

Our software simply does all the heavy lifting to get the job done and mingles in the background. You can customize it according to your requirements, rebrand and get all the credit, strengthening customers’ loyalty and building credibility.

Future-proof solution

With customer experience requirements becoming more and more sophisticated, satisfying them with legacy technology gets next to impossible. But basing a product on a platform that uses a cutting-edge tech stack, you ensure it against getting out-of-date in the close future.

Unlimited growth at scale

Staying competitive isn’t enough - continuous evolution and beating the competition are ways to outpace your competitors. Benefit from the scalable fintech system that can grow and expand along with your business.

Groundbreaking alternative to from-scratch software development

Whether you’re into digital transformation, expanding the range of products or exploring a new market niche, there’s no one-stop-shop solution to completely free you from custom software development within your own team. However, fintech software with the source code license strikes a perfect balance between in-house development and outsourcing.

Cut down on the development resources

Instead of starting at ground zero, you receive a robust payment software foundation to build on top, along with the source code license for ultimate freedom of customization, saving you about 12 months of active development, which means substantial financial and team resources.

Accelerate the release date payment platform offers a development cycle shortcut, putting you much closer to your product launch. This enables you turn the first several years of development into the first years of expanding your customer base and revenue.

Build on the reliable
transactional core

Our fintech platform is developed using an advanced tech stack by a team of seasoned experts with 15+ years of experience building fintech products. It is capable of tackling the influx of users and transactions, empowering your team with a reliable base to create custom functionality on top, with no need to look under the hood.
More on the technology.

Enterprise fintech solution with source code license

API-first approach (400+ RESTful APIs)

Enterprise fintech solution with source code license

Cutting-edge technology stack

Enterprise fintech solution with source code license

Scalable infrastructure

Enterprise fintech solution with source code license

Security by design

Enterprise fintech solution with source code license

Flexible CI/CD

Enterprise fintech solution with source code license


Get first-class expert implementation consulting and support

From your first email, we’ll guide you through the entire process and work out the ultimate best way of employing our software to exceed your expectations.


Share your requirements and vision, and get a detailed implementation strategy of your product, based on platform, from our BA and tech experts

Technical audit & knowledge transfer

Have your team examine the platform from the inside and receive hands-on training on using it.

Source code handoff

If the software fits your requirements, it is yours after signing a source code agreement.

Post-purchase support

When the license is yours, we will be here to assist with any questions regarding the platform for up to 9 months.

Have a fintech product idea on your mind? Share it with us and let’s step up towards its realization!

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