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How do I purchase your Digital Wallet or Neobank software source code?

Please check out the dedicated page that describes the entire process of the code quality audit and acceptance, knowledge transfer and code handoff.

To get more information about a digital wallet development check this article. 

How are product updates (i.e. new features, security patches, etc.) delivered to customers after they purchase the software source code license?

When a feature or security update is rolled out, we can deliver the codebase for the updated product version upon mutual agreement.

However, the deployment of this codebase and merging it with the code changes made to the previous version will be the sole responsibility of your team.

How are the bugs in the codebase addressed in case they occur after the source code purchase?

During the Technical product audit and quality acceptance stage, your development team gets access to the code and can inspect it in whatever way they find suitable, familiarize themselves with the project architecture, and try modifying it.

Apart from this, SonarQube is used on our side to evaluate the quality of the codebase and make sure it’s in good condition before the transfer.

Should any bugs appear during the Quality acceptance stage, it is the responsibility of the team to fix them.

After the Quality acceptance stage and the Knowledge transfer period is over, the Code Quality Verification Certificate is signed, which confirms that there are no bugs in the codebase.

Since that point, your team takes over the code maintenance and modifications.

As doesn’t limit the level and scope of changes made to the product codebase after the source code purchase, it cannot be held responsible for any bugs that occur after the code transfer. So, if a bug appears during development on your side, it will have to be handled by your development team.

Can I get a custom software package including only the features/functionality I need?

The feature-sets of the products provided by are designed with perfect balance in mind.

They provide not only the functionality that will be necessary immediately on your product launch, but also the features you might require after it gains some traction. So, we are convinced that choosing a ready-made product will be more beneficial for your business growth in the long run.

Can I upgrade my product package after purchasing (i.e. from Advanced digital wallet to Standard neobank)?

Technically, you can start with a basic product package and upgrade to a more robust version later. In this case, we will deliver the codebase for the new product version. Deployment of this codebase and merging it with the changes made to the previous version should be done by your team.

Due to the complexity of the products, it will require a tailored approach and a certain level of customisation. We recommend that you go with a package that includes all the necessary features out of the box to save your resources for an upgrade in the future.

Do you charge any transaction fees? doesn’t charge any transaction fees. You pay only a one-time flat fee for the selected product if source code license is purchased or the subscription fee for the cloud-based version.

However, keep in mind you may be subject to the transaction fees from third party providers integrated with your product (if any).

Is there a demo available?

Absolutely! You can check out our banking software demo video at

Alternatively, you can contact us and book a convenient time for a demo and a discussion with our experts.

What is your core banking system price?

There is no specific price for the core banking software. Different banking products have various configurations and technology stacks, so the price is diverse too. Also, the understanding of the core or basic banking engine varies.

To get a better picture of how our banking products vary and what built-in features they offer, check out our Pricing page.

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