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Fintech software development company creates complex software solutions for payment-heavy businesses and neobanks

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Software development for any digital banking needs

We have 10+ years of product development experience. So, the main cores of the solutions we provide are already created. You can request additional custom improvements and integrations that will shape our products so that they fit ideally your business needs. With this hybrid approach you minimize time-to-market, expenses on the additional development and resources on a big team for product support.

Fintech software development company

General ledger layer

Our company will help you from the idea to its implementation in code and interface. We have expertise to set the right track of your product implementation on the top of our software.

Fintech software development company

E-wallet solutions

Our software development teams offer a reliable and ready-to-go e-wallets that could be easily integrated your business workflow.

Fintech software development company

Neobank core

We will help you with fintech software development outsourcing. works on the banking cores that have enough potentials to calculate millions of transactions a day.

Fintech development is our primary obsession. We will help you with:

Our company will help you from the idea to its implementation in code and interface. We have expertise to set the right track of your product implementation on the top of our software.

Fintech software development solutions: Product requirements document

We will work closely with your team to create the list of functionalities your business needs to be built. Our team may share our prior expertise of launching solutions in similar cases. You will work with us on prioritizing the most critical functionality to start with the MVP (minimum value product).

Knowledge transfer of our software expertize

Managing and integration of the solutions we create as a fintech software development company requires comprehensive hands-on experience in data security, payments processing, ledgering and API management. We will be transparent with you about our product and best practices you can also implement in your company.

Improved software development life cycle

We believe that with buying our solution, you fix many historical problems that build up while your company grows. SDK.fiance platforms are flexible and adaptable, thay have a module structure with a significant potential of further integrations with the third-party services you need. Buying our ledger or e-wallet, you also get a modern stack of technologies, new product architecture and data management approaches. One purchase reshapes and puts your future product development on the right track. development team

Meet the people behind the fintech software development in

Fintech software development company

50+ people with average experience 5+ years in the FinTech development.

Fintech software development company

Developers with modern stack experience

Fintech software development company

Project Managers and architects working on the whole product development life cycle

Fintech software development company

Dedicated business analytics team with 10+ years of experience, that find the exact client needs to present in the product functionality.


Fintech software development company
Alex Malyshev
Co-founder and CEO

Alex oversees the business side of the company. He manages communications, business development and client success. He also leads the product marketing and development.

Fintech software development company
Pavlo Sidelov
Founder and CTO

Pavlo is in charge of the development team, putting his vision and passion into product development, it code quality and high performance standards. He is payment expert, speaker, researcher, inventor and author of the book “The World of Digital Payments”, awarded as Top-50 FinTech books.

Case studies

Check out our case studies to learn about the solution’s vast capabilities and how it has become a game changer for our customers in the financial technology sector.

MPAY - a payment app with ewallet

Discover how MPAY was able to convert a network of cash-in payment kiosks into a complete payment app through using software and developing on top of it.


A MENA PSP revamps transaction accounting system

Investigate how a large payment service provider (NDA) in a MENA country improves its main transaction accounting system by combining on-premise ledger layer software with their existing POS software.


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