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Currency exchange

A currency exchange business involves transferring money from one user to another in exchange for other currency of equal value. Such services earn part of the payment traffic as commission (profit).

Currency exchange

How it works?

Actors & administrative options

This business model is very simple and requires only one admin system role. The admin role can be divided into several roles in a more sophisticated version of admin role:

  • Chief financial officer (CFO) - responsible for the financial and economic essence of the business
  • Compliance manager - manages the merchants and ensures the security of their involvement in the KYC system (know your customer)
  • Anti-fraud manager - responsible for fraud risk management and dispute resolution between all members in the system

Administrative options:

  • Control over transactions
  • Payment gateways: add & manage any payment gateway into the system
  • Add & manage the contracts:
    • Set the rules of a contract: limits, commission rates, currency exchange rates, thresholds
    • Set the limit rules: per transaction/day/week/month, per operation, top up/withdrawal/money transfer between accounts
  • Reporting & analytics:
    • Basic - transaction reports
    • Advanced - data analytics and visualisation based on a business model
  • System logs & alerts: store the history of all events inside the system offers flexible pricing plans for companies of any size. We will be in touch shortly to get you started with a package that makes sense for your business.

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