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Agile general ledger layer for small businesses and startups
Build anything your business needs with our solutions

Build anything your business needs with our solutions ledger layer software allows you to build new functionality on top of your current workflow. software build with advantages for small businesses and startups

Our company developed a ledger layer on the cloud that can solve many problems and business objectives with one software instance. We designed it to be simple, reliable, and adjustable so once you implement this product you may start using its functionality from the first day.

Build anything your business needs with our solutions

Open API and detailed documentation

In simple use cases, we explain how to make setups and integrations

Build anything your business needs with our solutions

Database on your side

You do not share the data with us and we do not store it. So, we do not violate your regional regulations and ISO standards.

Build anything your business needs with our solutions

Everything is on the cloud

Our ledger layer is deployed on the AWS cloud. You will get your own instance and will have access for management and integrations.

Build anything your business needs with our solutions

One pair of hands needed

You will need one developer with 2-3 years of experience to connect the databases and products. The setup is simple and clear.

Build anything your business needs with our solutions

Discovery phase and Customer support

We help you to find out the flaws and setbacks of your current software and solve them with our software solution. We also stay in contact with you as long as you use our product.

Build anything your business needs with our solutions

Subscription with a flat fee

Start using your instance of the general ledger layer for $900 per month. Scale your business up and discover more functions of our software.

What problems can our general ledger layer on the cloud solve for you?

The general ledger layer has many practical applications. It can work as a basic e-wallet on the cloud or a multi-asset. Our use cases help you to understand what functionality you can combine or integrate with

Connect platforms/entities/POS into one system and admin it

The general ledger layer allows to register multiple entities with unique IDs within the system to collect and present the data about each of them. For example, those could be cash-in payment kiosks, POS, or merchants.

Solution to manage user accounts, ledgers, and reconciliation process

Create individual profiles for your clients within the system with services introduced. Set up the ledger with client information, data about the consumption of the services, and transaction history. Reconcile the balances and transactions between multiple banks and vendors you registered in the system.

To provide financial services, conduct transaction logging, auditing, and reporting

The ledger layer has the functionality to connect service providers and set up the commissions for these services. Then, the software solution helps to bind the service provider with the transaction log related to the service. At the same time, your databases will now store the whole information about transactions. That makes reconciliation, auditing, and issue reporting easier and real-time.

Solution to provide payment services that are available cross-platform

Integrate payment providers into your ecosystem through the general ledger layer. Upload the list of banks you can introduce into the system, share their tokens and set up the payment methods that will be available for the clients. That may be the transfers from the account to the IBAN, card-to-card transfers within and out of the system, and payments of the services. Create currencies and set the exchange rate. Make your services available both mobile and desktop. software is often integrated with the iOS/Android application interface.

Replatform or create a new payment-heavy platform

Swap from the old software with historic flaws in the development. The API module is flexible to integrate with and can provide the solution on top of the existing workflow with new functions that you could not achieve with the old software integrity and tech stack. The ledger layer copes with thousands of transactions per minute, so you can be sure it will keep up with your business needs.

Choose the ledger once. Cover all the functionality you need. Start with application first.

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