cloud infrastructure overview

Updated on 16 Feb 2024 deploys an isolated infrastructure setup managed across the fault-tolerant AWS environment, specifically for the client’s project. This approach ensures that clients have complete control and exclusive access to the main database, and the autonomy to manage their customer-facing applications effectively. 

Isolated AWS environment

Backend application

We create a copy of the backend system on isolated AWS infrastructure.

API Layer

A replica of the API layer is set up to facilitate seamless integration and communication between the backend and the client’s front-end application.


We also set up a copy of the back office to provide clients with administrative capabilities and oversight of their and their customers’ operations.

Client’s database

Database setup

Our clients create their main database in their AWS account (we recommend AWS private cloud for storing their operational data securely) following this guide (it is suitable for the development environment only) or complete the database setup in their own way.
Also, our team can complete the database setup for the clients if necessary.

Connecting the database and the application

A peering connection is established between the AWS environment and the client’s database. This setup ensures that the database is only accessible by the client’s team, for maximum data integrity and security. 

Product development 

Front-end for end users

The front-end application for their customers is under our client’s control. They are free to build it from scratch or create it using a front-end UI package that we provide at their request. 


We are responsible for providing updates to the backend application and back office as part of the development infrastructure. This ensures that the client can always access the latest features and security enhancements.

Going live

When the client is ready to go live, we clone the entire development setup (backend, API layer, back office) that is ready for production and securely connect it with the main database. This ensures that the transition to the live environment is seamless and secure.

Persistent development copy

The development copy remains intact even after the project goes live. This allows for continuous testing and development without affecting the live environment.