Products that can be built on the Platform

Updated on 22 Jun 2023

Digital wallet/mobile wallet

Enable the users to carry out digital transactions (bank payments, debit card payments, bill payments), transfer money, manage their funds, etc.

Money transfer/remittance service

Allow your users to send money domestically or across borders, enable money transfers between different currencies, and provide competitive exchange rates, reducing the costs associated with traditional remittance methods.

Merchant payment acceptance 

Build a payment solution for merchants, enabling them to accept payments from customers through various channels such as online payments, mobile payments, or in-store transactions. 

Payment gateway software can serve as a foundation for a payment gateway service that handles payment processing and transaction settlement for e-commerce, allowing businesses to accept online payments.

Digital bank / neobank 

Build a digital-only banking product, providing users with a full suite of banking services such as account management, balance inquiries, transaction history, and fund transfers. 

Currency exchange service

Integrate the Platform with popular currency exchanges and allow users to buy, sell, and exchange currency directly from within the application.

Crypto payment solution

The software can be utilized to develop cryptocurrency payment solutions that enable businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Note. doesn’t store the assets, it only “reflects” them in the ledger.