source code license model: How it works?

Updated on 10 Jun 2024

The source code version of is a comprehensive solution that grants full control over the code.  Acquiring this license requires a dedicated team for ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and product development, so it is best for businesses with the capability and resources to manage and customize the software in-house.

Below is a detailed explanation of how the source code version operates.

Backend app

With the source code version, your team gains full access to the backend API, which can be hosted on your infrastructure – on-premise, a dedicated datacenter or private cloud. Learn more about the technology

This setup allows you to modify, extend, and integrate the Platform with your unique business requirements without dependency on’s infrastructure. You can utilize the 400+ API endpoints to build custom solutions tailored to your business needs.


You retain complete ownership and control over your databases, which are hosted and managed on your own servers. This setup ensures that all sensitive customer information remains within your infrastructure, aiding compliance with data sovereignty and localization regulations relevant to your operational jurisdictions.

Front-end app – UI for your team and clients provides both administrative and customer-facing interfaces. The admin panel and back-office interface are available to streamline internal operations. For customer interfaces, a limited demo version built on Vue.js is available, which your development team can fully customize to create a unique user experience. Additionally, an updated iOS/Android app for end users is under development and is expected in Q2/2025.

More details on the front-end UI


The source code version comes with essential third-party vendor integrations such as ComplyAdvantage, Mastercard payment gateway, Marqeta, Currencycloud and more providers. For additional integrations, your development team can use the provided API endpoints to connect with any third-party services required by your business.

More details on integrations

Maintenance and support

Your team is responsible for the full management of the source code, hosting, and security. provides free implementation consultancy for 6 months, including calls and bug fixes. Post-6-month support and additional services like training, customization, and third-party integrations are charged separately.

More details on support

Software updates provides software updates for critical defects and security vulnerabilities for 12 months post-purchase. Updates include bug fixes and security improvements. Your team will receive updates in your GitLab repository, with detailed release notes to guide the integration process.

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