Get started with SaaS version

Updated on 08 Aug 2023

Sign the agreement

To start, let’s sign the agreement outlining the terms and conditions of our collaboration, including data security, service-level commitments, and support guarantees:

  1. Send us the email address of the individual who possesses the legal authority to sign contracts. You can do so in response to the email sent by
  2. Once received, we will send the agreement to the specified email address. Feel free to review all legal documents at your convenience.
  3. Sign the contract through DocuSign.

Pay the initial fees

Once the contract is signed, we will send you the link to complete the upfront one-time initial fees to start using the Platform:

  • Setup fee: €2100  – a one-time payment covering the cost of configuring the application instance for your business and connecting it to your databases.  Please note that this fee is non-refundable.
  • Deposit fee: €900 – it will be used to offset the cost of your last month using the SaaS platform.