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Data Migration

Does your project already have a customer database? Do you want to migrate customers to a new solution? We understand that this process should be smooth and invisible for your users.

We know that migration should be done with minimal time and cost impact for your business.

Factors you need to consider during Data Migration Process

  • time of migration process
  • the amount of downtime
  • the risk of compatibility issues
  • data corruption
  • data losses

Types of Data Migration

SDK Finance offers a few great options for our Clients who need to perform the migration of their user’s databases to platform:

Direct migration – Our specialists together with your developers coordinate the data format and execute a direct merge of your project databases. This is the most resource-intensive scenario but it allows you to migrate all clients to the new software at once.

Migration through API – A special Supervisor API allows you to add new users to from the existing system. It means that your developers can independently migrate customers consistently, adding them to the system.This scenario is less resource-intensive and requires only the participation of developers from your side.

Hybrid scheme – You keep the current database of users and the same processes for their onboarding and authorization. At the same time, you add a parallel profile for each user with accounts in and link these two profiles from your side. Such an approach will allow you to add accounts or wallets in to the current user database.

What practices do we use to avoid data migration losses and technical issues?

  • System testing before launching the process in order to avoid compatibility problems
  • Backup gateway –  which gives you access to the data anytime
  • High system Scalability –  allows us to work with large sets of databases

One of the main database migration concerns is to fit into budget and time frames. platform offers a different type of solution, which allows you to choose the most suitable way of migration for your product and reach the transfer to a new software without time and budget overrun.