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Corefy is a payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. The technical platform includes about 400 ready-to-use integrations with payment providers, acquirers, and wallets worldwide. Corefy provides feature-rich functionality that connects and manages payment services, initiates and processes transactions, collects and analyzes payment data, and more.

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Quick facts

  • 400+ integrations globally
  • 1000+ partners in the payment industry
  • Direct integrations with Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Out-of-the-box compliance with PCI DSS
  • Clients across the world, from Canada to Japan
  • The team of 100+ specialists
  • 4 global locations (HQ – London, United Kingdom; Offices – Kyiv, Ukraine; Herzliya, Israel; Manila, Philippines)

Corefy functionality within the Platform

The Platform integration with Corefy empowers your business with a suite of features that facilitate financial operations:

  • Multi-vendor integration with 350+ payment providers
  • Payment invoices
  • Payout services
  • Diverse payment methods (credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets)
  • Real-time transaction monitoring

Featured supported payment providers

Featured supported payment methods

Key features

Providers hub

A single integration with Corefy allows businesses to connect as many payment providers as needed by just clicking a mouse, with about 400 integrations available out of the box. New payment provider integrations become available daily.

Routing & Cascading

Corefy's configurable smart routing engine optimises all incoming and outgoing transactions in real time according to the client’s business needs. If the transaction fails with one provider, the system can seamlessly retry it with another one.

Hosted payment page

Corefy offers a customisable and fully brandable hosted payment page that supports any payment method, currency, and flow. It adapts to users’ geolocation, showing the relevant currency and language. 

Reporting & Analytics

Corefy automatically aggregates all transaction data across different providers in one place, normalises it, and allows clients to monitor their real-time performance, generate reports, and retrieve business insights.


Corefy automates transaction data reconciliations across multiple accounts at different providers. The tool highlights any mismatches in data between the provider and the processing, allowing clients to investigate and resolve the conflicts.

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