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Marqeta is a leading card-issuing platform designed to empower credit and debit card-issuing. Its flexible APIs and advanced infrastructure enable businesses to create tailored customer payment experiences. With Marqeta, companies can easily issue physical, virtual, or tokenized cards, manage spending controls in real time, and gain valuable insights into transaction data.

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Quick facts

  • Over 442 companies use Marqeta’s platform
  • More than 270 million cards have been issued through the Marqeta platform
  • Operates in 40 countries
  • Over $160 billion in processing volume in 2022
  • Named to CNBC’s Disruptor 50 list
  • Recognized as best in payments APIs

Marqeta functionality within the Platform

The FinTech solution integration with Marqeta  empowers your business with a suite of features:

  • Instant card issuance (virtual & physical)
  • Easy card management (activate, freeze, limits)
  • Digital wallet integration for seamless payments
  • Spend control for better budgeting
  • Just-in-time funding for efficient use of funds

Key features for users

The integration with Marqeta brings a powerful suite of features designed to optimize payment operations and enhance user experience for clients:

Instant card issuance

Instantly issue both virtual and physical cards directly within the system. The card issuance process is fully customizable, enabling end-users to select their preferred card type, design.

Effortless card control

Manage all aspects of card operations, including ordering new cards, activating them, topping them up with funds, and blocking them if necessary.

Seamless digital wallet

Link existing cards to an internal digital wallet within the Platform. This integration allows for smooth transitions between card-based and wallet-based transactions.

Smart spending control

Grant card program operators extensive control over how, when, and where payment cards are used. This includes the ability to set spending limits and manage usage parameters.


Provide users with flexible funding options to meet diverse financial needs. Just-in-time funding ensures accounts are funded when needed, improving cash flow management and reducing idle funds.

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