Add Commission rule (System)

Updated on 21 Nov 2023

Add Commission rule (System)


The operation becomes available for Users after the creation and activation of the commission rule for such an operation. Activating the commission rule means allowing Users to perform the operation. There can be several ranges applied to an operation. 

This functionality is available on UI which is provided out of the box.

To add the Commission rule an Admin should: 

  1. Select the Organization (Individual/Merchant)
  2. Select Contract type
  3. Select the system Operation
  4. Add Commission rule: Start date, End date, Direction, Status
  5. Add range for Commission rule.

APIs for this use case:

POST​/contracts​/{contractId}​/commission-profiles​/{profileId}​/commission-ruleCreate an internal commission rule
POST​/contracts​/{contractId}​/commission-profiles​/{profileId}​/commission-rule​/{ruleId}​/conditionSet up an internal commission rule condition