Updated on 12 Jan 2024

To add a new point of sale (POS) using the API, merchants can use the appropriate API endpoint and provide the necessary information about the new POS.

This functionality is also available on UI for Merchant provided out of the box in a special section Points of Sale.

To add new POS, Merchant should enter POS details:

Field nameComment
POS company name*Required field
Description*Required field

Information about new point of sale

WebsiteIf the POS is an online shop
Server URLWhen payment was processed successfully, system sends callback to this URL 
Result URLWhen payment was processed successfully, system redirects payer to this URL
Trust all certificates- Yes/NoWhether to trust all certificates while performing a serverUrl call. ALWAYS USE false FOR PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT.
CategorycategoryId, Used to categorize transaction history
Terminal IDTerminal ID at Acquirer side
Merchant IDMerchant ID at Acquirer side


• System will generate POS unique ID

After the POS has been added to the Merchant’s profile, the Merchant can view the transactions that were performed through this POS.

API for this Use Case