Updated on 12 Jan 2024

This functionality is available on the UI provided out of the box.

The User can log in to the system by entering his credentials (phone number or email) and password on the sign-in page:
1. Go to sign-in page
2. Enter Login (phone number or email) and Password
3. Press Sign-in
(!) When the “Sign in” button is pressed, the system will check the credentials and:
• If the login and/or password are correct, the user’s back office is opened.
• If the login and/or password is incorrect, the message “Invalid login/password” will be displayed.

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Password recovery

In case the user forgets his password, there is an option to reset the password.
This functionality is available on the UI provided out of the box.

To reset the password, the user should:
1. Go to sign-in page
2. Press Forgot password
2. Enter Login (email or phone number)
3. Press Recover
4. Press “Confirm password recovering”
(!) The system will send the message with a code for password recovery to the specified credentials and display the confirmation message “An email has been sent. It contains a link, clicking on which you will be able to reset the password.”
5. Click on “Confirm password recovering”
6. Enter the received code
7. Specify the new password that meets the validation criteria (Read more about default criteria for password
8. Press Confirm.
(!) The password is changed. The system will also send a message about password change to the specified email or phone number.
(!) To login to the system click “Go to the login” or open the sign in page and enter login (email or phone number) and a new-created password.

API for this Use Case