Create invoice template

Updated on 28 Mar 2023

Merchants can create invoice templates to use them for future invoice issuing.

This functionality is available on the provided UI of Merchant in a dedicated section “Invoices”.
To create a template user should initiate creation of the invoice and then choose to use the entered invoice data to create an invoice template.
To create an invoice template:
• Create Invoice
• Enter Invoice details
• Switch “Save template” toggle.
• Specify the template name.
• Create Invoice.

Saved templates are reflected in the list of invoice templates on the UI provided for Merchant.

APIs for this Use Case:

POST​/invoice-templatesCreate invoice template


View invoice templates

In the list of templates Merchant can see the following information about saved invoice templates:

Template Name
Recipient Wallet
Payer Contact (email or phone number used to send the Invoice)

Merchants can resend the invoice from the template, update template details or delete the template.

APIs for this Use Case:

POST​/invoice-templates​/viewView invoice templates
DELETE​/invoice-templates​/{id}Delete invoice template
PATCH​/invoice-templates​/{id}Update invoice template