Create Wallet

Updated on 12 Jan 2024

Business Users (Individuals and Merchants) can create wallets in any of the currencies provided by the System.
This functionality is available on the UI provided out of the box.

To create a wallet User should:
1. Login
2. Click Add wallet
3. Enter wallet name and choose the currency from the list of system currencies.
4. Create

Users can create any number of wallets in the same currency. Depending on your business model you can limit this number.
Each wallet has its serial number which can be used for internal transfers or in other use cases.
Users can set one of the wallets as the main wallet. This functionality is not provided on UI but there’s a relevant API for that.
(!) In the source code and API documentation wallets are named as coins.


API for this Use case:

Create wallet

Set wallet as main


More about Wallets.