Currency exchange

Updated on 12 Jan 2024

The Currency Exchange functionality is available on the UI for business users to perform currency exchange operations between their wallets in different currencies. 

Currency exchange operation is also used when a User deletes one of his wallets with a positive balance and the funds can be transferred (exchanged to different currency) to another wallet of the User.

To exchange the currency User should:
1. Choose the type of operation (Sell or Buy)
In exchange type SELL it means that a user wants to sell EUR from his EUR wallet.
In exchange type BUY it means that a user wants to buy USD and put the to his USD wallet and pay for that operation from EUR wallet.

2. Choose the source wallet
3. Choose the destination wallet
4. Enter amount
5. System validates the wallets and checks if the operation is available for the User, as well as calculates commission and checks the limits for the operation.
6. Confirm exchange.

(!) Please note, commissions for currency exchange operations are calculated and reflected on UI differently compared to other operations.


API for this Use Case