Edit provider commission

Updated on 22 Nov 2023

After the Provider service or product has been added to the Contract, an Admin can view and change the settings for the chosen provider operation/product. 

Please note, that the current UI shows one of the possible examples of what service and how can be configured for a Provider service/product. After the integration, a third-party Provider may provide different APIs and send more data, so that in the end you may build a completely different and unique business process. 

To edit the provider commission,an Admin should:

  1. Go to Contracts
  2. Select Organization (Individual/Merchant)
  3. Select Contract type
  4. Choose Provider Commission
  5. View commission for chosen provider operation/product
  6. Edit the existing commission settings. 
Provider commission



Greater of fixed or percent

Lesser of fixed or percent

Fixed and percent

ValueFixed amount or percent, depending on the chosen commission type
Total Commission



Greater than fixed or percentage

Smaller than fixed or percentage

Fixed and percentage

ValueFixed amount or percentage, depending on the chosen commission type