Explanation of SDK.finance software

Updated on 13 Apr 2023

SDK.finance provides software development kits (SDKs) and APIs for businesses to build financial applications and services. The SDK.finance source code refers to the code that makes up the SDK.finance platform and the various financial services and APIs that it offers.

The SDK.finance source code can be used to build custom financial applications and services, including e-wallets, payment processing solutions, digital banking, money transfer services and other financial management systems. 

Using SDK.finance source code is subject to a license agreement that covers all possible scenarios of using the code. Learn more about licensing.

The existing source code covers the main use cases required to build the financial services platforms and allows to customize the business processes and perform external integrations for a specific business requirement. 

SDK.finance software is also available as a SaaS deployed on the cloud infrastructure. Learn more here.

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