Merchant Products Management

Updated on 28 Mar 2023 implemented the Merchant Products Management module which is a crucial component of the Ewallet functionality.
This module enables Merchants to manage their Products and Categories efficiently.

Merchants can create, view, update, and delete products using the available functionalities. The module provides merchants with the ability to manage their products’ prices and measure units as well.
Moreover, the module allows merchants to organize their products by creating categories and assigning products to them. This enables Merchants to maintain a clear and structured inventory, making it easier for customers to find the products they need.
Further the functionality can be extended by allowing Users to tag the transactions for Merchant products to control their spendings.

This functionality is not provided on the UI but is fully functional on the backend and covered by APIs.


APIs for this Use Case:

Merchant productPOST​/merchant-productsCreate one product
POST​/merchant-products​/batch-createCreate products from batch
POST​/merchant-products​/batch-deleteDelete list of products
POST​/merchant-products​/delete-by-external-codeDelete by external code
POST​/merchant-products​/update-by-external-codeUpdate product by it’s external code
POST​/merchant-products​/viewView product list
GET​/merchant-products​/{id}Get merchant product by it’s ID
DELETE​/merchant-products​/{id}Delete merchant product by ID
PATCH​/merchant-products​/{id}Update product by it’s identifier
GET​/merchant-products​/{productId}​/merchant-product-categoriesView categories specified merchant product belongs to
Merchant product CategoriesGET​/merchant-product-categoriesView product categories belonging to this merchant
POST​/merchant-product-categoriesCreate a product category
DELETE​/merchant-product-categories​/{categoryId}Delete a product category
PATCH​/merchant-product-categories​/{categoryId}Update a product category
GET​/merchant-product-categories​/{categoryId}​/merchant-productsView products belonging to category
PUT​/merchant-product-categories​/{categoryId}​/merchant-products​/{productId}Add product into category
DELETE​/merchant-product-categories​/{categoryId}​/merchant-products​/{productId}Remove product from category
Merchant Measure UnitsGET​/merchant-measure-unitsGet list of all measure units for merchant
POST​/merchant-measure-unitsCreate measure unit
POST​/merchant-measure-units​/batch-createCreate measure unit from batch
POST​/merchant-measure-units​/delete-by-external-codeDelete measure unit by external code
POST​/merchant-measure-units​/update-by-external-codeUpdate measure unit data by external code
DELETE​/merchant-measure-units​/{id}Delete measure unit by Id
PATCH​/merchant-measure-units​/{id}Update measure unit data by Id
Merchant Product PricesPOST​/merchant-products​/batch-create-pricesCreate prices from batch
POST​/merchant-products​/delete-pricesDelete a price by product filter
POST​/merchant-products​/delete-prices-for-point-of-saleDelete all prices for product and point of sale
POST​/merchant-products​/view-pricesGet prices by product filter
GET​/merchant-products​/{productId}​/pricesGet prices by product ID
POST​/merchant-products​/{productId}​/pricesAdd price for a product with the given ID
DELETE​/merchant-products​/{productId}​/prices​/{priceId}Delete a price by it’s ID for the given product ID