Merchant Products Management

Updated on 19 Jul 2024 implemented the Merchant Products Management module which is a crucial component of the Ewallet functionality.
This module enables Merchants to manage their Products and Categories efficiently.

Merchants can create, view, update, and delete products using the available functionalities. The module provides merchants with the ability to manage their products’ prices and measure units as well.
Moreover, the module allows merchants to organize their products by creating categories and assigning products to them. This enables Merchants to maintain a clear and structured inventory, making it easier for customers to find the products they need.
Further the functionality can be extended by allowing Users to tag the transactions for Merchant products to control their spendings.

This functionality is not provided on the UI but is fully functional on the backend and covered by APIs.



APIs for this Use Case:

Merchant Product

Merchant product Categories

Merchant Measure Units

Merchant Product Prices