Pay Invoice

Updated on 12 Jan 2024

Users can issue and pay the Invoices created within the system. Invoicing functionality can also be used for implementing the recurring payments or Subscriptions flow and to request payment from other users. 
As a result of invoice payment the funds will be transferred between the User’s wallets. 

In the current UI implementation provided out of the box, User to whom the invoice was issued receives the notification about a new unpaid invoice and can view the list of the invoices. 

From the System’s point of view the invoice is a “pending transaction”.
Use can view the invoice details, such as:
• Invoice Name and date of issue
• Status
• Invoice ID
• Merchant name (who issued the invoice)
• Invoice Expiration date
• Total amount to be paid.

Users can Reject or Pay for the invoice. 
To pay for the invoice User should choose the wallet from which the transfer should be made. This should be the wallet in the same currency as the invoice currency.

API for this Use Case