Payment gateway

Updated on 21 Nov 2023

Utility payments (mobile top-up, utility bill, etc)

This use case can be built using integration with any payment provider. All accounting should be performed using the company’s bank account. Using SDK APIs accounting can be decoupled by customers’ virtual accounts.

Money should be withdrawn from user virtual account in the system to the company’s bank account from which further settlement with the provider can be performed.

To see the list of your accounts, use GET/coins and save the response value coinSerial.

Calculate commission using POST /bank-withdrawals/calculate endpoint.

To create the withdrawal request use the POST /bank-withdrawals/with-bank endpoint. Request the values with:


Accept top-up request with POST /bank-withdrawals/{requestIdentifier}/accept API endpoint and receive the requestIdentifier value then.

Decline top-up request with POST /bank-withdrawals/{requestIdentifier}/decline API endpoint, receiving the requestIdentifier value.

Use case visualisation with possible integrations:

Payment gateway