Register new User (by Service roles)

Updated on 11 Jan 2024

As part of the User Management system Administrator and other roles with relevant permissions are able to register new users. This means adding new business users (Individual, Merchant) or system users.
Users can be registered in the system by email or by phone number.

Administrator can register new users in his dashboard in the Users section.
1. Go to Users
2. Choose type of user to be registered
3. Add user
4. Enter email or phone number
5. Create
6. The System will send the notification to the email or phone number with login credentials.


APIs for this use case

Roles can be the following:

  • merchant
  • individual

legalType should be provided for merchant role and should be  “individual”

When registering a system User an organizationID should be added as well.

Delete User

Administrator is able to delete Users from the system. This functionality is available in the Dashboard.

Register new User (by Service roles)Administrator can’t delete User if such user has any available balance on his wallets.

To delete User Administrator should:
1. Choose the user from the list
2. Click “Details”
3. Delete User
4. Confirm


APIs for this Use Case


Deactivate User

Administrator is able to deactivate users (change their status from active to inactive). This use case is being used when it’s required to limit a user’s actions in the system without deleting his account.
After User’s deactivation, such a user is not able to login into his account.

Register new User (by Service roles)


APIs for this Use case