Updated on 28 Mar 2023

The system offers users the opportunity to generate transaction-based reports, which can be downloaded for further analysis. All data is securely stored in the system’s database, which can be integrated seamlessly with any reporting or monitoring tool.
Users with all roles can view statement reports in the Transactions section, but downloading reports is limited to the Individual role for security reasons. However, this feature can be extended to other roles if necessary.
Basic reporting is already available in the system and users can easily export data to CSV format. For those who prefer PDF reports, this feature can be easily added as well.
Future versions of the Neobank will include advanced report and dashboard functionality. In the meantime, for the digital wallet version, users can develop their own reports using their development team or by integrating any report engine with the database. This offers maximum flexibility and the ability to create customized reports as needed.
In conclusion, the system’s database offers unparalleled integration possibilities with any report engine or analytical tool, providing users with a seamless and customizable reporting experience.

APIs for this USE Case:

GET​/reporting​/coinsCalculate total amount for all coins that user own in specified currency
GET​/reporting​/coins​/outflowsReturns transaction summary by category in a chosen currency
GET​/reporting​/coins​/outflows​/{serial}Returns transaction summary by category in a chosen currency
GET​/reporting​/coins​/funds-flowsReturn sum of amount spent and income funds
GET​/reporting​/coins​/funds-flows​/{serial}Return sum of amount spent and income funds
POST​/cash-desks​/report-turnoverView cash desk turnover report
POST​/cash-desks​/viewGet cash desks for specified coin